"Construction" and "technology". Sounds like an oxymoron right? Not anymore!

At Ingenious.Build, we’ve cracked the code and built a world-class platform for companies of all sizes within the real estate and construction industries across the globe, enabling them to simply and effortlessly manage all aspects of their projects--from inception to completion, and both internally and in conjunction with the other project participants.

Project managers drool. Data geeks giggle. Execs actually sleep well. And the rest simply stare slack-jawed at their screens unable to comprehend how in the world we pulled this off...

Think about what you could do here… At Ingenious.Build, you’ll be participating in one of the most exciting and unparalleled journeys of your career--a journey to pioneer the first cloud application to manage the entire lifecycle of a real estate construction project. In short, you’ll be building what some have claimed is the holy grail of construction project management.

It’s big. Bold. Audacious, even. But that's how we roll...

And if you’ve got what it takes, you’ll be directly involved in its development. The rest, as they say, will be history...

So... think you've got the right stuff?

We’re looking for a highly skilled Customer Success Manager to engage, retain, and enable our customers to maximize the full value of Ingenious.Build's platform. As the trusted advisor and advocate for our customers, the Customer Success Manager (CSM) manages the overall relationship with assigned customers throughout the post-sales lifecycle. The CSM is responsible for guiding customers to success and driving product adoption, overall satisfaction, and renewal by engaging resources across Ingenious.Build to deliver desired outcomes.  

If the following resonates with you, we should talk...

  • The focus of this position is on achieving results which are aligned with the larger picture of Ingenious and our strategic goals. 
  • Initiative, coupled with a sense of competitive drive, and the ability to stay focused on results despite changing conditions, is the key to achieving the performance objectives of this position. 
  • Because environmental and organizational conditions change rapidly, the work involves innovation and creativity in generating ideas for quick response. Decision-making is focused on implementing practical, timely solutions. 
  • The position requires getting things done quickly and handling a variety of activities. Self-assurance, and the confidence to purposely drive toward results while constantly problem-solving and engaging the commitment of others is essential. 
  • A leadership style that is firm and goal oriented, and yet motivates, trains, and engages others in an enthusiastic way, is important. 
  • The emphasis on building rapport and relationships with individuals and groups requires an outgoing, poised, and persuasive communication style. 
  • Because the pace of the work is faster than average, the ability to learn quickly and thoroughly while continually recognizing and adapting to changing conditions is critical. 
  • The position requires the ability to act independently, coupled with a sense of urgency, the confidence to handle a variety of challenges, and a full commitment to the success of the business and high standards of achievement. 
  • The job environment is flexible, constantly changing, and provides growth opportunity, recognition, and reward for the achievement of business results.

Assuming that didn't freak you out, and aligns with how you tick, here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be doing:

  • Effectively renew all assigned accounts with favorable terms and conditions. 
  • Work with customers to identify goals and key performance indicators that define program objectives 
  • Build relationships at all levels of the customers from operational owners to executive sponsors
  • Develop long-term success plans, prioritize requests, and manage expectations to maintain a high degree of confidence and trust with customers
  • Proactively monitor platform usage and reach out to key stakeholders as needed
  • Leverage AECO domain and product knowledge to motivate customer adoption and expose opportunities to expand Ingenious's footprint 
  • Proactively identify at-risk customers and work with internal teams to define and execute mitigation strategies that secure retention 
  • Understand how to leverage Ingenious resources to educate customers and provide relevant adoption, best practices, and technical recommendations on solutions and enhancements that support customer needs
  • Provide timely status updates and communication to customers on outstanding issues, requests, and escalations
  • Conduct regular business reviews by gathering and presenting the status of customer goals, metrics that support the value realization, and product roadmap to evaluate needs and provide strategic recommendations
  • Create advocates by ensuring that customers achieve desired outcomes while maintaining strong relationships
  • Ensure internal alignment on account growth strategy by partnering with the Sales and Product teams, and others, to execute on plans that drive expansion
  • Provides internal insights and advocate for product enhancements that will deliver the highest ROI for Ingenious and our customers

We're fired up to learn more about you to see how you can help us on our mission!  We genuinely look forward to receiving your application to gain further detail on who you are and how you tick... and hopefully start the process of bringing you into the Ingenious family ;).

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