Indigo is a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. With a vision of creating a world where farming is an economically desirable and accessible profession, Indigo works alongside its growers to apply natural approaches, grow healthy food for all, and conserve resources for future generations. Utilizing beneficial plant microbes to improve crop health and productivity, Indigo’s portfolio is focused on cotton, wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, with commercial and customer service based in Memphis, TN. 

The Data Scientist, Indigo Partners will drive hypothesis generation and data analysis on one of the world’s richest agricultural data sets by deploying cutting edge machine learning and statistics. Through partnership with the Technology, Agronomy, Innovation, and Indigo Partners Teams, this role will be instrumental in assessing and valuing new technologies and management practices that bring the future of agriculture to the present, improving farmer profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health.



  • Analyze data outputs from all technology instrumentation (aerial imaging, soil sensors, weather stations, soil sampling), assist the data engineer in designing the system architecture where needed, and advise on the Scout/Agronomist SOPs.
  • Use agronomic and IoT data collected from Indigo Partners to make actionable agronomic recommendations for farmers and provide feedback on Indigo products.
  • Design and implement a measurement and evaluation strategy that assesses data quality and model performance – tailored to the questions being answered.
  • Summarize geospatial and imaging data and extracts actionable summaries and information out of imaging datasets.
  • Systematically define how heterogeneous data are related to each other and logically combines them into in-depth visualizations, models/analysis.



  • 5+ years industry experience with analysis of imaging and agriculture datasets, preferred.
  • Masters or PhD Degree in a relevant field such as data science, computer science, economics, statistics, quantitative agronomy, environmental science, applied physics or engineering.
  • Experience with statistical modeling of heterogeneous data. Flexibility and familiarity with modern statistical/machine-learning approaches and ability to identify and conduct appropriate statistical/ML analysis as necessary.
  • Ability to be "pragmatic" and iterative re: identifying solutions specifically ability to identify optimization goals, measurements towards those goals, and demonstrate iterative improvements.
  • Strong communication skills – able to communicate complex data-related nuances and explain statistical nuances to non-statistical audiences.
  • Experience in and/or eagerness to continue to learn about agriculture, agronomy, GIS, spatial analyses, plant biology, microbiology, agricultural economics and financial hedging, and the plant microbiome.
  • High fluency with Python, R, Spark, GIS, and/or SQL.
  • Experience producing lucid graphical plots, maps, and highly interactive visualizations.
  • Experience in Linux, AWS, ec2, S3, Spark, and/or H2O.
  • Complete necessary tasks to ensure initiative successes, including menial ones, with joy.
  • Team player – someone who thrives working in cross functional teams throughout the organization. High comfort working as part of a very fast-paced team consisting of software engineering, crop-specialists, agronomists and data scientists.
  • Extremely strong customer focus, seeing grower success as our fundamental goal.
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