As an Engineering-first company, we live and die by the quality of our product. We’re looking for a Senior Product Manager to join our growing Product team and help push our product through its next iteration. If you're passionate about creating great products from scratch, love working with other creative people and value top-tier Engineering talent then Product at IX great fit for you.  

We are a global technology company that connects the largest publishers and marketers across the globe through programmatic advertising. We ensure publishers are able to secure their bottom line so they can provide content to consumers and bring news and information to society at large. Our mission is to democratize digital advertising, all while helping marketers reach the audiences that matter most to them across digital channels. For over 20 years, IX has been known as the change agents of digital advertising – innovators who help shape how our industry reacts to new challenges and shifts in the market. As a result, we’ve been able to partner with some of the most prominent players in the media industry including Hearst, Disney, and Meredith Corporation among many others.

Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  • Collaborative: A natural leader who can rally together teams across Engineering, UX, Marketing, Business Development & Client Services into a Voltron-esque mega-team. You can rally the team with a vision, and your enthusiasm for solving customer problems is infectious across your teammates. You can unstick problems across the team with collaboration, communication and leadership.   
  • Organized: You keep stakeholders updated, you’ve got basic project management skills, and you love documentation, because you know it’s a force multiplier. 
  • Customer Focused: You love speaking with customers from world leading publishers to advertisers and agencies and you’re excited to help publishers grow revenue and digital ad sales to thrive 
  • Data Driven: Using data to make decisions is second nature to you. You’re great with revenue and customer analytics and you not only pronounce SQL the right way but you know how to use it 
  • Technical + CuriousYou enjoy working technology problems big and small, and you love to solve puzzles, take things apart and reassemble, all in service of understanding how things work.
  • Shipping Mindset: You have taken your product ideas from conception and refinement to market launch.  You’ve collected feedback and improved your product, and you’ve got the metrics to prove it.  You’ve launched multiple products and learned from all of them – the successes and the failures. 

Here’s what you have: 

  • You have a passion for technology, and it shows – it could manifest as a B.Sc./B.Eng. in Comp Sci, Math, or Engineering, equivariant professional experience, or your own projects and side hustles.  
  • 3+ years of Product Management experience – you’re familiar with building and shipping within the agile framework.  
  • You’ve worked with the Prebid framework, and you know it well – you know how best it can be leveraged, what the gaps are, and you have opinions on how it could be improved for the benefit of the entire digital advertising ecosystem.  
  • You’re experienced with working with all sorts of different creative types, you know the importance of consent and transparency, and you have thoughts on the future of identifiers and how publishers and marketers can continue to operate outside of closed advertising platforms.  

Why you’ll love working here: 

  • We offer competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits package, 401(K), maternity/paternity leave as well as a fantastic vacation policy. 

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY At Index Exchange, we believe that successful products are built by teams just as diverse as the audience who uses them. As such, we are committed to equal employment opportunity. We celebrate diversity of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or expression, or Veteran status. Additionally, we realize that diversity is deeper than any status or classification - diversity is the human experience. For those who show grit, passion, and humility - IX will welcome you.

*Considering COVID-19, until further notice, everyone is required to Work from Home. When offices re-open, you will be required to follow the mandate of your local office.


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