About the role....

We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated and proactive Molecular Biologist to join our fast-growing team, who is committed and passionate about developing 21st century solutions to address global food challenges. This position emphasizes plant genome editing, where you will play a central role in developing and implementing technologies to support our product development activities. This role aims to develop and optimize precise genome editing technology that works seamlessly with DNA repair machinery to insert specific modifications to crop genomes. As part of a team, you will be responsible for improving the efficiency of our genome editing tools, developing creative & effective ways to target multiple loci; planning, executing and analysing experiments to test the most promising strategies, and determining ways to deploy novel technologies in the context of industrial crop applications. This role is located at our office in Cambridge, MA. 

As a Molecular Biologist, you will…

  • Use in-depth knowledge of genome editing techniques and DNA repair mechanisms to develop novel strategies to make most of any given crop genome accessible to genome editing
  • Identify novel strategies to deploy genome editing tools, including Cas effector-based technology, for high multiplex applications to simultaneously introduce different types of DNA sequence modifications (e.g. gene knockouts/up-regulation, oligo insertion and precise base changes)
  • Evaluate and adapt novel genome editing tools for efficient application in plants 
  • Work with Inari colleagues and our Science Advisory Board to identify and develop novel technologies with the potential to increase the efficiency of precise genome editing in plant cells
  • Collaborate with Research Associates and other Scientists to execute scientific experiments related to one or more projects
  • Manage third party collaborations in your core area of expertise
  • Actively scout for new technologies and partners to strengthen the company's genome editing capabilities
  • Maintain detailed, accurate and comprehensible records of all your experiments and results
  • Interpret and analyze data, draw conclusions and make recommendations based on the results
  • Co-develop new scientific project proposals to address unmet company needs
  • Build and lead project team(s) focused on delivering the company’s scientific objectives 

 You Bring…

  • A PhD in Plant Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering or related field with at least 10 years of experience, or Masters in the aforementioned fields with 15+ years of experience 
  • Post-doctoral research, training, and experience in plant genome editing and plant biotechnology - Industry experience is a plus
  • Deep knowledge in genome editing tools and procedures
  • Knowledge and experience with genetics and genome editing technologies
  • Demonstrated scientific leadership to independently design, implement, coordinate and drive successful scientific projects
  • Strong record of independent research supported by peer-reviewed publications and/or patent applications and patents
  • Excellent project management skills with a track record of scoping, resource planning, executing and completing scientific research projects
  • Solid experience assembling and leading fit-for-purpose project teams that routinely achieve milestones and deliverables on time and within budget
  • A strong desire and aptitude to develop people in their careers
  • A track record of effective line management to enable growth of each direct report’s ability to achieve ever more ambitious goals 
  • A strong sense of purpose and drive to develop unique, high impact solutions
  • Adaptability and enthusiasm for new challenges, innate curiosity, and a passion for learning
  • Creative and strategic thinking, willingness to be bold and take risks, and the ability to recognize and learn from failure
  • A collaborative mindset that is open to giving and receiving ideas, perspectives, and feedback
  • Ability to work both independently and deliver on responsibilities within a highly collaborative environment
  • Ability to effectively communicate with a diverse range of individuals and audiences

About Inari

Inari is the SEEDesign™ company. We embrace the diversity and complexity of nature in every aspect of our business to drive innovation – to push the boundaries of what is possible. Through our unrivaled technology platform, Inari uses predictive design and advanced multiplex gene editing to develop step-change products. We are taking a nature positive approach to unlock the full potential of seed that will transform the food system. The results will lead to more productive acres delivering value creation for farmers and a more sustainable future for our planet.

Our success is dependent on great minds, collaborating to generate bright ideas and deliver exceptional outcomes.

We have over 170 employees, with research sites in Cambridge, MA (USA) and Ghent (Belgium), as well as a product development site in West Lafayette, IN (USA). We’ve deliberately built a team that brings diversity of thought to all aspects of our business, to generate new ideas, approaches, and ways of operating. And we've intentionally combined experience with potential, bringing agriculture industry experts with the desire to innovate together with bright minds from academia, human therapeutics, software, and consulting. If you want to be part of a diverse and inclusive team developing unique solutions to feed the world while protecting our planet’s natural resources, we’d love to hear from you!



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