This role will be responsible for the management, leadership and productivity of the T cell Cloning pipeline team.

You will lead and oversee efforts in both the oncology and autoimmune pipelines to generate antigen-specific T cell clones that recognise target antigens. You will also collaborate with the single cell PCR group and relevant protein science groups to isolate, identify and obtain sequences of, the TCRs expressed by these cells.

£45,000 - £65,000

  • Management
  • To lead a group of between 6 and 10 scientists (from technician to principal scientist level) in the T cell cloning pipeline group, enabling the advancement of the Company's pipeline and technological capabilities
    • Headcount planning and recruitment in line with budget, ensuring standards of hiring are maintained
    • Conducting the annual appraisals, career development discussions and identifying development needs
    • Setting employee objectives and goals, providing regular feedback on personal performance and reviewing progress against objectives.
    • Contributing to the annual remuneration review in line with the Company process and within budget
    • Understanding the career objectives of direct reports, setting realistic expectations and guiding individuals on the experience and learning needed to achieve their goals
    • Recognising and acknowledging the success of individuals, teams and projects at the time success occurs
    • Identifying individuals needing further development or with relatively weak performance and looking to remedy this, drawing on senior managers and HR as needed.
  • Managing the delivery of projects to the agreed timescales and standards, identifying issues that need to be addressed and escalating these as needed.
  • Ensuring that communication of projects, team and Company news is cascaded in a timely way; handling, owning and escalating information and questions that arise.
  • Experiments:
    • Guiding lines or areas of investigation by drawing on experimental and scientific expertise whilst offering insights on the relevance to the wider objectives of the project and company.
    • To work with scientists to plan T cell cloning experiments that are appropriate for each target given previous results and successes
    • To work with other groups such as single cell PCR, protein science and T cell cloning research to plan experiments, define timelines and ensure smooth handover of material and information
    • Develop, refine and improve current methods used for T cell cloning within the pipeline; working with the T cell cloning research team to
    • Tracking outcomes and assessing the success of newly implemented methods, reporting such outcomes back to relevant teams to allow wider adoption or further development of methodology
    • Ensure research excellence and high standards of work by assessing opportunities to develop and train colleagues in new methods and current thinking
  • Priorities:
    • Co-ordinate activities to ensure experiments are in line with the current company-wide priority for TCR discovery.
    • Communicate with leadership, portfolio management and other teams on timelines; against expected activity/output and predicted success to ensure experimental output is aligned to downstream resource availability
    • Reviewing competing priorities for projects and providing clear and thorough recommendations that are made by utilising experience and insight, combining information from a range of sources and considering the overall goals of the project, department and Company
  • Technical Knowledge:
    • Sharing knowledge acquired from conferences or elsewhere to the wider team; representing the department in local or company-wide initiatives; may also act as a mentor to other colleagues.
    • Keeping abreast of developments in area of expertise to advance company activities where deemed appropriate; providing in- depth analysis of new techniques and theories to advance the way the company works, raising and championing these with leaders and colleagues across the company.

This a great opportunity to lead an exciting team at the heart of our science and pipeline. The role will be very visible and your impact will be highly valuable.

Industry experience and management experience is essential. You may have managed a single or small group and looking to take that step up, or you may have managed a small team and looking to take on extra strategic elements. 

Hugely excited to hear from you! 



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