Current Job Openings

CEO Office

Corporate Digital Operation

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer
Fremont, CA or Irvine, CA or Washington, DC
UX Researcher
Irvine, CA
Corporate IT
Sr. Cloud Engineer
Fremont, CA
Data Platform
Lead Platform Engineer
Irvine, CA , or Washington, DC , or Fremont, CA
Sr. Data Engineer
Irvine, CA or Washington, DC or Irvine, CA

CFO Office

Controller Office

Washington, DC
Procurement Manager
Washington, DC
Sr. Internal Auditor
Washington , DC
Sr. Payroll Analyst
Washington, DC
Sr. Payroll Specialist
Washington, DC
Treasury Analyst
Washington, DC

CPO Office

Executive Assistant
Washington, DC

CTO Office


Executive Assistant
Irvine, CA
Industrial Engineer
Irvine, CA
Structural Analyst
Irvine, CA
Flight Technology
Mission Management Software
Battery CAE Engineer
Fremont, CA
Systems Engineering, Cyber and Safety
Model Manager
Irvine, CA
Vehicle Management Systems


Integration Engineer
Fremont, CA
Cyber Systems Research

Test & Evaluation

Office of the General Counsel


Corporate Counsel - Employee Relations
Irvine, CA or Fremont, CA or Washington D.C.