What is HyperMint?

HyperMint is web3 infrastructure company that makes it easy for enterprises, brands and creators to create and deploy smart contracts. We’ve built a robust and flexible platform that allows token (NFT) creation, management and distribution at scale. Think AWS for NFTs.

We’re on a mission to empower everyone to be an owner. We’re a developer focused and community driven business, with developer experience at the top of mind at all times.


Who are we?

HyperMint was founded by three friends who worked together at MoonPay: Semyon Germanovich (Product + Engineering), Frederick Becker (Sales and Ecosystems) and Adrian Pang (Strategy and Special Projects).

HyperMint is backed by MoonPay, a multi-billion dollar crypto industry leader trusted by 300+ leading wallets, websites, and applications (including some of the biggest crypto brands in the world Bitcoin.com, Dapper Labs, OpenSea, Ledger, Argent & Trust Wallet). This means we have access to the best creators, brands and enterprises in the space as well as significant funding.


The Opportunity 


We’re still incredibly early days in the web 3 space. There are around 300 million users in the crypto space. In the next 5 years, every brand on the above is going to participate. We need to build robust, flexible and scalable tooling to enable these brands to enter web3.


Current Job Openings

There are no current openings.