HyperionDev is the largest provider of software development education in Southern Africa, and one of the largest globally. Counted among the top education technology startups in EMEA with headquarters in Cape Town and London, we support learners from over 40 countries in changing into fulfilling tech careers. We are dedicated to closing the global tech skills gap and we achieve this by integrating tech education with human mentorship and expert code review, lowering the cost of accessing tech careers.

In 2016 we won first prize in Facebook's Innovation Challenge, with Facebook selecting us as the most socially impactful startup operating in Africa and financially backing us, alongside Google . We were originally launched from the University of Cambridge, and our leadership team consists of world-leading talent from companies such as Google, Amazon, 2U/GetSmarter, Yoco and PwC, and those who have previously built and gone on to sell large businesses. We are looking for team members who are ambitious, motivated and have a track record of over-achieving and exceeding targets.

Join us at a time when we are reinventing tech education and how technology can drive higher quality education at scale for markets that have some of the most underperforming tertiary institutions and schools globally.


The Student Success Manager is passionate about seeing our students succeed in their drive to change into a career in tech. They oversee and ensure that student onboarding, student experience, student community and student placement functions of the success team are managed and optimised to ensure students graduate and are able to be placed. In this role you are the custodian of the student journey from start date, to graduation. You will be responsible for all matters relating to student satisfaction as they complete their bootcamp. 

This role involves the  resolution management of all tickets logged through Zendesk, by categorising all tickets according to type and urgency and facilitating escalations where applicable. Informing product development and optimisation through analyzing data on student feedback and tracking data and enrolments on our Careers platform. Coordinating communications with graduates, and supporting our Head of Education, Head of Placements & Head of Admissions in iterating our business model and processes to improve NPS, student retention, graduation rates, public reviews, placement rates & overall satisfaction. 


  • Ensure smooth and efficient onboarding of students each month 
  • Advise the Head of Admission on monthly seats available per course based on available occupancy,  graduating students, drop outs and late registrants 
  • Maintain consistent progress of students through delivering a quality experience 
  • Executing all student wellness processes such that an average NPS of 9/10 is maintained at all times. 
  • Manage and report on quarterly satisfaction surveys through call out sessions to all our student base to ensure student happiness at all times and root out potential issues before they become complaints
  • Work closely with mentors in tracking activity and progress of students to ensure a smooth transition into career preparation and support phase
  • Understand all student operations and support in defining new policies such as pausing a bootcamp, switching between bootcamps, switching from onsite to online and vice versa, and advise the Head of Education on student feedback and possible solutions
  • Contribute to the successful placements of HyperionDev graduates through HyperionDev Careers 
  • Manage and ensure all career guidance & support documents including compulsory technical career tasks, CV preparation material and technical interview resources are accessible to all students about to graduate
  • Ensure that HyperionDev grads’ online portfolios are upto date and interfacing with mentors for feedback on portfolios where necessary before handing over to the Careers team 
  • Manage and grow an engaged student community
  • Support the planning & execution of networking events and be able to provide success metrics after each event
  • Drive student engagement on Discourse and Discord in order to promote a self and peer based learning culture at HyperionDev



  • Bachelor’s degree in related fields, such as business, education, industrial psychology, etc.  
  • 2+ years in a customer success manager or senior customer operations and support role 
  • 1+ year experience in a customer satisfaction management role (NPS, Public Reviews and Referral Process) 
  • 2+ year experience leading and/or managing a team with a proven track record of success
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent analytical skills and experience working with datasets 
  • Proven track record of operational policy and process development and implementation 


  • Student Success Manager experience with a demonstrated history of working in the education or e-learning industry
  • Understanding of coding languages with basic - intermediate technical coding skills 



Flexible & remote working: We are a remote-friendly organisation and offer flexible work options.

Generous annual leave and medical benefits: We provide up to 20 annual leave days as part of our leave policy, as well as health insurance or medical aid benefits for our staff.

Join the heart of tech in Africa, the US, and Europe: You'll work with the best of the best and rub shoulders with the world leaders in edtech, developer education, and developer assessments. Join one of the most ambitious and highest performing tech companies in the space, with a founding team that draws their former experience from companies such as Google, Amazon, GetSmarter/2U, & Yoco. 

Life-changing work: Solve real problems that make education and tech careers accessible to those who need it most: you're allowed to brag about it.

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