Who are we?

Hugo is working to make financial stability achievable for every American. We're starting with car insurance. 30 million Americans drive uninsured each year - risking major fines, car impoundment, license suspension, even jail. Our flagship product is Hugo, the world's first pay as you drive liability insurance. Hugo eliminates large upfront premiums and fees, and instead offers insurance in affordable daily bundles, so drivers can purchase what they need when they need it. Drivers can even stop and start coverage to save money.


About the role

We're a technology company on a mission to make financial stability achievable. That takes some real engineering, which means we've gotten rid of managers, PMs, and mids: we focus on hiring senior individual contributors with a broad set of technical skills and a history of solving problems through autonomous, cross-functional work. You'll pick what problems you work on and partner with domain experts to get things done, and you'll get to feel the impact of your work because we've gotten rid of (almost!) all the insulation between you and our members / partners.

If you love owning a wide range of problems, getting deep in complex domains, and figuring out the most reasonable ways to eliminate uncertainty and ship great features, join us on our relentless climb.


Who are you?

  • You’re excited to change everyday lives by fixing a broken industry
  • You want to move fast, make a big impact, and dissect new domains
  • You value over-communication, rapid collaboration, and candid feedback
  • You want to harness data & technology to shape product decisions
  • You like a healthy mix of organization and shipping code for the sake of understanding
  • You're excited to write the first lines of code for entirely new services / solutions, using best practices + first principles thinking


What will you do?

  • Launch new products in new places at a rapid pace, evolving our approach each time
  • Evolve our architecture and engineering culture by importing emerging best practices
  • Contribute to our platform products (accounting, underwriting, partner, member management), our member-facing portal, or our customer support and analytics tooling
  • Design, develop, and deploy fault-tolerant FinTech pipelines for quoting and accounting


What experience do you have?

(these are not fixed requirements!)

  • 5+ years shipping and supporting incredible work built with Node.js
  • An expansive understanding of best practices / patterns / antipatterns
  • Experience in delivering distributed fault-tolerant data systems



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