About us

Hugo is working to make financial stability achievable for every American.  We're starting with car insurance. 30 million Americans drive uninsured each year - risking major fines, car impoundment, license suspension, and in some places, even jail. Our flagship product is Hugo, the world's first pay as you drive liability insurance. Hugo eliminates large upfront premiums and fees, and instead offers insurance in affordable daily bundles, so drivers can purchase what they need when they need it. Hugo even lets drivers pause coverage anytime to save money.

Your role

You’re the rare designer that is passionate about (and experienced with) the entire product design loop - from structuring and conducting user research and tests, to delivering high fidelity designs, to creating design systems. You’re obsessed with consumer products, so your notebook is stuffed with innovative approaches (and whether they’ve worked in testing). This is your chance to develop an industry-leading understanding of the millions of Americans facing financial instability, and use it to design a radically different approach to financial services. You’ll do everything from running user research pop-ups to delivering new interaction designs and marketing assets. You’ll collaborate with subject matter experts and go deep on the most complex parts of our operations to build workflow solutions. You will help design the look, feel, and functions of the first truly universal car insurance company.

Who are you?

  • You’re passionate about changing everyday lives by fixing a broken industry
  • You want to move fast and make a big impact
  • You value over-communication, rapid collaboration, and candid feedback
  • You know perfection - and when not to pursue it
  • You know how to talk to users to understand their needs
  • You’re passionate about creating beautiful and functional design grounded in solid research
  • You’re intimately aware of the latest design trends, and how and when to use them
  • You’re intolerant of laziness or sloppy thinking
  • You believe in stepping-up / leaning-in / rolling up your sleeves
  • You own mistakes, learn, and drive forward

What will you do?

  • As an early Product member, define our customer-centric Product culture
  • Use rich data and user research to identify problems and experiments
  • Work with local contacts to run field research pop-ups and ethnography
  • Work with behavioral research partners to identify FinTech design best practices
  • Implement and iterate on UI designs from sketches to pixel-perfect
  • Expand on our existing design language/system to reduce test-time-to-market
  • Digest emerging design practices so that our users always receive the best possible experience

What experience do you have

(these are not fixed requirements!)

  • Senior experience at a digital consumer product design team
  • Bonus: domain expertise in financial technology (payments, lending, banking, etc.)
  • A portfolio of implemented work that showcases an intentional approach to design that puts solving problems for the user first, and takes complex flows and simplifies them
  • Experience formulating research strategies and getting into the trenches for user research
  • A demonstrated, encyclopedic obsession with consumer product design
  • A refined eye for product details and the verbal and written skills to communicate them 


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