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We’re looking for a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with extensive mobile experience for the Mobile Platform and Tools Team. As the QA engineer on this team, you’ll ensure Hudl’s React Native platform is robust and performant by extending and maintaining the platform’s test automation and manually testing the platform as needed. Additionally, you’ll support Hudl’s feature teams by guiding and supporting them as they create and maintain tests for mobile features and integrate them into Hudl’s CI/CD system.

You Are

  • Experienced with mobile automation frameworks. You have extensive experience writing and maintaining automated mobile tests and have worked with a variety of mobile automation frameworks. We use XCTest, JUnit, Espresso, Jest, and Detox.
  • Experienced working at multiple levels of the testing pyramid. You’ve written and maintained tests that span various levels of the testing pyramid and understand when to target which level.
  • Experienced working in mobile environments. You’ve tested extensively with mobile simulators and understand the pros and cons of using them over physical devices. You understand the value of testing on multiple form factors and OS/SDKs and recognize how network, battery, and storage usage affect the user.
  • Committed to reliable automation. You understand best practices for improving test reliability and embrace them. We leverage test isolation concepts such as test doubles and dependency injection and avoid shortcuts like adding sleeps when troubleshooting flaky tests.
  • Comfortable managing and maintaining mobile CI/CD. You understand that mobile automation is intrinsically tied to mobile CI/CD and are not only willing to roll up your sleeves to troubleshoot tests that unexpectedly begin to fail but are also comfortable setting up new test runs in a CI/CD system and supporting teams with questions or issues related to CI/CD.
  • Able to effectively test manually when needed. You are willing and able to perform manual tests effectively when needed but are always thinking about how to reduce reliance on manual tests.
  • Knowledgeable about ensuring quality and compatibility at a platform level. You understand that platform teams often need to ensure quality without a user-facing feature to drive tests. You are comfortable creating tests that exercise APIs to ensure they function as expected and remain backwards-compatible with each release.
  • A strong communicator in a variety of forms. Supporting a platform at scale involves a commitment to documentation that is complete and up-to-date and direct communication that is thoughtful and clear. You are willing and able to make this commitment.
  • Empathetic to the customer. You’ve been there. Pulling your hair out over flaky tests or manually running through a 100 step test plan. When supporting an internal customer on mobile automation you support them as if you were in their shoes.
  • Willing to learn. You have solid mobile testing skills but are always willing to dive into specific areas to gain the expertise needed to be successful in your role.
  • Excited about helping others be productive. The idea of serving other Product Team members and making their lives easier sounds exciting to you.
  • A mentor at heart. You find mentoring others rewarding so seek out opportunities to level up others in your area of expertise.
  • Able to handle interruptions. Unplanned work to squash impediments and verify fixes for new or unexpected defects will happen. You understand this and can work effectively with your team and stakeholders to prioritize this work appropriately while still taking sprint commitments into consideration.

You Will

  • Extend and maintain automated tests for Hudl’s React Native platform. To ensure teams working on customer-facing mobile features are building on a robust and performant foundation, you will be creating new tests for Hudl’s React Native platform and ensuring both new and existing ones pass reliably. You will challenge yourself to extend automation beyond happy path testing on a specific OS/SDK and form factor.
  • Support teams extending and maintaining automated tests for their mobile features. You will help establish and document mobile automation guidelines for development teams across Hudl and support these teams directly as they create and maintain mobiles tests or troubleshoot CI/CD test failures and flakes.
  • Be a mobile advocate. As a member of a team that is building and maintaining a new foundation for mobile development at Hudl based on React Native, you will help members of the Product Team understand the value of mobile, how mobile development and testing has evolved at Hudl, and the benefits of building on top of the new foundation.
  • Be an involved team member. You will actively participate in scrum ceremonies and proactively and thoughtfully create tickets for the team’s backlog.

We Will

  • Treat you like an adult. It’s all about a healthy work-life balance. We’ll trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. (Hello, unlimited vacation policy!)
  • Give you what you need. We’ll supply the environment and tools for success, allowing you to focus on professional growth and career development.  
  • Challenge you. You'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the company's success, allowing for constant collaboration.

Diversity at Hudl

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We also know imposter syndrome is real and the confidence gap can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don’t hesitate to apply—we’d love to hear from you.

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