Wyscout help teams make data-driven decisions and reach outcomes more quickly with their current and future talent. Our advanced statistical tools help coaches analyze opponents and prepare for matches, as well as enabling scouts to identify the most promising players globally. 

We are looking for a technical QA Manager to join our team. You will be responsible for understanding our customers and how the Wyscout team works today and helping us measurably improve Quality. You will bring your experience to help establish a “shift left” culture and coach the QAs to improve their manual and automated testing skills and mindset. 


Day to Day work 

You will manage people directly as well as mentoring, training and setting the technical direction of our team. You will be constantly seeking out ways to improve our Quality practices and leveling up the capability of the people around you. Ideally, you are excited about working with micro-services based architecture in an agile, continuous delivery organization (the product team does 200+ deploys to production every week) and passionate about building high-performance teams.


Key Projects 


  • Research how other companies measure and improve Quality and bringing in some of the best practices to Wyscout and Hudl.
  • Helping us meet our objective "Automation is keeping up with the speed of development" ie "we are finishing automation for identified stories within each sprint". Visually presenting this information and helping the team meet this objective. 
  • Introducing API & UI Automation and implementing automated test pyramid for Wyscout.  Visually presenting current state and working with squads to make changes as needed to meet our objective. 
  • Coach and improve QAs on the team - shifting testing left, what to test, how to test, what to automate, how to automate (API v/s UI) - using pair programming and pair testing techniques. 
  • Own the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for production issues for the tribe - leading the RCA, determining action items, ensure they are assigned and completed. Visually representing current state and progress. 
  • Implementing, publishing and monitoring quality metrics for the team - taking corrective action as appropriate.  

You Are:


  •  Technical. You have experience with full stack testing and an in-depth knowledge of Service and UI layer automation. You have implemented the test pyramid and have experience in working with Developers and QA to shift testing left.
  • A Vocal Leader. You have experience leading quality initiatives and projects. You are a go-to person for product quality and are able to influence and challenge teams to incorporate quality best practices in everything they do.
  • Skilled Coach. You use your technical and quality focus to coach others to improve their skills and best practices and help them deliver high quality at speed.
  • A Skilled Investigator. You understand the root cause of problems. You back up your investigation with data and measure the results.
  • A Problem Solver. You are detailed oriented and can identify, analyse, and solve challenging problems.
  • Quality Focused. You understand quality at a big picture. You constantly research quality best practices at other companies and strive to use your learnings to improve quality and velocity.
  • Understand Risk. You are an expert at evaluating and designing testing approaches to mitigate risk while ensuring adequate coverage.

You Will

  • Lead. Lead the teams to measurably improve quality and improve our ability to deliver quality at speed. You will work with teams to gain their trust and challenge other leaders and team members to make decisions with quality in mind.
  • Coach. Use your technical and quality understanding to pair test and automate with others on the team to level up their skills and help us shift testing left and deliver quality at high speed.
  • Automate. Help us achieve our objective of keeping automation up with the speed of development, and keeping it "green" on a daily basis. You will need to design and build up automation for complex and/or greenfield applications and have it serve as a reference implementation for the team to extend.
  • Measure. We can't improve what we don't measure. You will help determine the right set of measurements to help us understand quality and velocity. You will make the trends and gaps and/or improvements visible to the team.
  • Improve. You will act on the quality measurements to recommend and lead the implementation of changes that allow us to measurably improve quality. 

We Will

  • Treat you like an adult. It’s all about a healthy work-life balance. We’ll trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. 
  • Give you what you need. We’ll supply the environment and tools for success, allowing you to focus on professional growth and career development.  
  • Challenge you. You'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the company's success, allowing for constant collaboration.
  • Develop you. Hudl Work Smarter - We’ll pay for the courses and conferences that will support your growth.
  • Excite You. You will get the opportunity to see our clients in action, with tickets for sports matches. 


Salary: based on experience

Location: Chiavari (Genoa). Italy 



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