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Our goal is to help coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Hudl products are now used by over 4.5 million people globally, from the world’s elite sports teams to an amateur level. Whether it’s with video, statistics or a combination of the two, we want our tools to help every step of the way. That’s why we are always hiring — we need the best people because a product is only as good as those behind it.

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ScrumMasters at Hudl are passionate servant-leaders who work with cross-functional Squads. They coach and support their Squads as they work with a Product Owner and Stakeholders to build solutions to our customers' problems. Along with their Squads, ScrumMasters deliver products our customers love. 

Based in The Netherlands, you will work alongside two other Scrum Masters in our London office and be part of our global chapter of ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches. There's a lot of work to be done and we're excited to find someone to join us on this journey. 

Sound good so far? Here’s what we look for...

You Are 

  • A servant-leader. You encourage and do everything possible to help Squads perform at the highest level – without compromising Scrum principles or resorting to command and control tactics.
  • A scrum champion. You embrace, practice, and spread the benefits of scrum throughout the company.
  • A guardian of quality and performance. You guide Squads to produce high quality software that works the first time; quality is never an afterthought.
  • A priceless partner to product managers. Your Squads deliver outstanding software that solves coach and athlete problems, helping them to win.
  • A collaborative teammate. You play nicely with others and have made each team you’ve worked on better.
  • An effective negotiator. You can clearly express trade-offs and generate consensus on solutions that are best for everyone.
  • A constant learner. You strive not just to learn, but to apply what you’ve learned in your personal and professional life.

 You Will

  • Encourage and assist your Squads to establish predictable and sustainable delivery of features and products.
  • Establish clear communication channels between Stakeholders, the Squad, and the Product Owner.
  • Work effectively with Product Owners to ensure the product backlog vision is clear and is refined into concise stories and Product Backlog Items.
  • Create a balance between the Squad and Product Owner by ensuring the team does not over-commit to what they can achieve in a sprint.
  • Facilitate the Scrum events, document key squad decisions, and remove impediments that get in your Squad's way.
  • Promote and establish self-organization, continuous learning, and continual improvement.

 We Will

  • Treat you like an adult. We will trust you to get the work done and take a break when you need it. Use your unlimited vacation when and how you want.
  • Give you what you need. We will supply the environment and tools for success, allowing you to focus on professional growth and career development.
  • Challenge you. We promise you'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the company's success.

Diversity at Hudl

Hudl is an equal opportunity employer.  We understand the power of diverse teams, celebrate differences and champion inclusion.

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