Interested in working at Hudl? Awesome. Here’s what you need to know.

Our goal is to change the way coaches, athletes and analysts prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s with video, stats or a combination of the two, we want our tools to help every step of the way. That’s why we’re always hiring, and we need the best because a product is only as good as the people behind it.  

We need an experienced SQL developer to join our Decision Science team. You’ll clean, transform, and aggregate the incredible amount of data we have to help others at Hudl make better decisions.

Our Team

Hudl's Decision Science team serves other internal Hudl teams make better (data-driven) decisions. On any given day, we might be writing SQL queries to visualize user behavior over time, running statistical models to help our teams forecast and set better goals, or reaching out to customers to collect qualitative feedback.

Here's a handful of examples of projects we're working on:

  • Aggregating and cleaning data from multiple sources using Data Build Tool (DBT) to provide analysts with clean and simple data sources
  • Designing and building database schemas to support point-and-click analytics and visualizations in Looker for our employees to use.
  • Crunching numbers to guide product development of features that will drive engagement and pull more users into the Hudl platform.

Our team is full of analysts, researchers, and engineers with many diverse skill sets. We find this mix of people, experience and skill sets allows us to serve the needs of our internal teams well. We might approach solving a problem from many different angles ultimately leading us to produce top-notch analysis. A few skill sets that our team is desperately seeking include:

  • A pro with SQL. You can write advanced SQL queries to manipulate data and power insightful reports. You can also optimize existing queries and lead efforts to establish SQL best practices.
  • A storyteller (with data). You can communicate technical analysis to a non-technical audience. You know what’s important to your audience and how to communicate it without getting stuck in the weeds. You effectively use data visualizations to enhance consumption of data, not distract from it.
  • A Mentor. You level up others around you in technical skills.  
  • Knowledgeable. Whether it is analysis or technical tools, you’re a go-to-resource for your team.
  • A Business Partner. You can communicate effectively with business stakeholders to solve their data challenges by designing and implementing data solutions to fulfill their current and future needs.

If all or some combination of these bullets above sound like you, you might be just the person our team is looking for. However, across all of our Decision Science team members, we pride ourselves in being:

  • Not one for the status quo. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t in your vocabulary. You constantly look for ways to innovate and make things better. Good is never good enough.
  • The type that gets stuff done. You identify with your work. You’re restless without a project on your task list. You have a list of finished projects that you can look back on with pride.
  • Analytical, analytical, analytical. Making decisions based on instinct raises a red flag for you. You think data is more important than opinions. You love finding patterns in data.
  • Quality-driven. Attention to detail is of high importance and you can effectively identify quality issues across your team.

You Will Help Our Team

  • Make us more efficient. With an advanced level of the common tools used by our team, you’ll be able to teach others to use these tools and identify gaps in the current toolset.
  • Design database schemas. Using Snowplow Analytics, you’ll help develop new schemas and improve upon existing ones to ensure proper collection of event streaming data from our suite of products.
  • Create new data sources. You’ll implement surveys, scrape data and keep an eye out for any sources we don’t currently use.
  • Back up company metrics. You’ll make the connection between your work and the direction of the company, and mentor others to do the same.
  • Answer questions. Through your work with stakeholders, you’ll identify what business problems we need to solve and design data models for stakeholders to use in our business intelligence tools, Looker and Re:dash.
  • Review query performance. Across many business departments, you’ll optimize code, modify data models, and redefine tables in Amazon Redshift to improve performance.

Diversity at Hudl

Hudl is an equal opportunity employer.  We understand the power of diverse teams, celebrate differences and champion inclusion.

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