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Current Job Openings at Hudl


1012 Workplace Ops

Customer Support

1006 Customer Support Elite

Customer Support Specialist
South Korea or Singapore

1007 Customer Support Comp

Support Intern
Lincoln, NE
Support Representative
Lincoln, NE, United States

1111 Competitive Collections

Decision Science

Lead Data Analyst
Lincoln, Omaha, Boston, Remote

1008 Decision Science

Sr. Data Scientist
Lincoln, Omaha

1053 DS Analyst Comp

1109 DS Engineering

Data Engineer
Lincoln, Omaha, Remote


1057 Design Elite

Product / UX Design Manager
London or Remote UK

1058 Design Media

Product Designer - Media
Lincoln, Omaha, remote Central timezone

1072 Focus Design

Product Design Manager - Hudl Focus
Lincoln, Omaha, Boston, Remote

1082 Biz Stack Design

Service Design Manager
Lincoln, Omaha, remote Central timezone


Software Engineer
Chiavari, Milan or Remote, Italy

1060 Engineering Elite

Graduate Software Engineer
London, United Kingdom

1071 Focus Engineering

Software Engineer - Hudl Focus
Lincoln NE, Omaha NE

1086 Product Stack Engineering


1014 Hardware

Supply Chain - Lead
Lincoln, NE


1020 Brand Marketing

Content Marketing Manager
Lincoln, Omaha


1041 Media Ad Ops

People Ops

1021 People Ops

Lincoln, Omaha
Talent Acquisition Manager
Lincoln, Omaha, Remote

1104 People Ops Elite

Director, International HR
London, Barcelona

Product Managers

1069 Product Mgrs Elite

Product Manager
London or UK remote

Quality Assurance

1063 Quality Assurance Elite

1073 Focus QA

Quality Assurance Engineer
The Netherlands

1083 Biz Stack QA

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Lincoln NE, Omaha NE


1024 Sales Competitive Mgmt

Sales Manager
Lincoln, NE

1026 Sales Competitive HS

Account Executive
Lincoln, NE & Phoenix, AZ

1028 Sale Elite US

Elite Account Executive - NCAA
Boston, MA or Lincoln, NE

1029 Sales Elite International

Account Executive -Data and Content
London, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam

1033 Customer Success Comp

Scrum Masters

1074 Focus Scrum Master

Delivery Manager (Scrum, HW)
's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands