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Current Job Openings at Hudl

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Customer Support

Customer Support Comp

Support Intern
Lincoln or Omaha, NE

Customer Support Elite

Elite Support Intern
Lincoln or Omaha, NE


Sales Competitive HS

Account Executive
Lincoln, NE, Remote, US




Billing Intern
Chiavari (Italy)

Finance Comp

Sr. Manager, Billing
United States, Omaha, NE; Lincoln, NE
Sr. Manager, Billing
United States


Marketing Elite

Marketing Manager
Barcelona (Spain)
Marketing Manager
London (United Kingdom); Leeds (United Kingdom)

People Operations

HR Admin and HRIS Specialist
Lincoln, NE or Omaha, NE
HR Admin and HRIS Specialist
Omaha, NE or Lincoln, NE

People Ops

People Ops Elite

HR Specialist
Den Bosch, Netherlands or London, UK



Design Comp

Product Stack Design


Core Video Engineering

Engineering Manager - Core Video
Lincoln, NE ; Omaha, NE ; Remote - US
Software Engineer - Team Lead
Lincoln, NE ; Omaha, NE ; Remote - US

Engineering Comp

Senior Engineer - Full Stack
Lincoln, NE ; Omaha, NE ; Boston, MA ; Remote US

Engineering Elite

Senior Engineer (Firmware)
Almeria or Spain - Remote
Senior Engineering Manager
United Kingdom & Spain
Software Engineering Team Lead
United Kingdom - London

Focus Engineering

Product Stack Engineering


Product Certification Lead
Lincoln, Omaha, Boston, Remote (U.S.)

Product Managers

Focus Product Mgrs

Senior Product Manager (Hardware)
Lincoln, NE, Boston, MA

Product Mgrs Comp

Product Mgrs Elite

Senior Product Director
London, UK or Remote, UK

Quality Assurance

Biz Stack QA

Focus QA

Quality Assurance Comp

Quality Assurance Elite

Quality Assurance Engineer
London, United Kingdom
Quality Assurance Manager
London HQ & United Kingdom Remote
Quality Assurance Manager
Almeria or Spain (Remote)
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
London HQ & United Kingdom - Remote
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Embedded & Firmware)
United Kingdom, Spain or The Netherlands

Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters Elite