Customer Support Specialist
Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Graduates

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Cambridge, MA USA, or Remote - USA

As a Customer Support Specialist, you will provide a helping hand to our customers who are growing their business with HubSpot.  Our team delivers a human and consultative support experience through creative, technical problem-solving and a thorough knowledge of how the HubSpot software works.

In this role, you will:

  • Work 100% remotely to partner with our customers and effectively resolve issues through phone (primary channel), email, and chat.
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of HubSpot to diagnose software issues, engaging with our product and engineering teams to solve more complex product issues
  • Collaborate with account managers or sales teams to identify opportunities for existing customers to use more services
  • Provide support & guidance to marketers, salespeople, and service professionals across our customer base that use the HubSpot software
  • Help customers navigate a variety of tools & features within HubSpot
  • Communicate thoughtful, customized solutions that help customers move forward and grow their business
  • Show composure, resilience, and flexibility as customer needs evolve and case volume changes.

We are looking for people who:

  • Possess technical aptitude or familiarity with software concepts
  • Are interested in building technical knowledge around APIs, HTML, & CSS
  • Have demonstrated experience in customer service and are passionate about the customer experience
  • Can autonomously troubleshoot and further investigate to fix a problem
  • Adapt quickly to changing priorities and customer needs 
  • Have remote experience or an ability to be self-sufficient and autonomous to meet goals in a remote setting

As part of the application process, we ask that you complete a brief exercise outlined below. This exercise closely matches what you might do in the role and allows us to get to know you beyond just a resume: 

Exercise: In the space provided below, please upload a document addressing the following prompt: Workflows is one of the most popular automation tools that HubSpot offers. Workflows are a series of automated actions that trigger based on a person’s behavior or contact information. Utilizing tools like workflows can help boost internal communication as well as align marketing, sales and service components for all HubSpot customers. The following Knowledge Base articles gives a breakdown of contact based workflow types: Understanding Contact Based Workflows

In your own words (300 or less), explain to us the difference between the three contact based workflow types. 

  • Start from scratch
  • Center on date
  • Center on date property  

Please upload this exercise along with your resume below. 

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