HolidayCheck Group AG is one of the leading European digital companies for holidaymakers. Under our roof we combine the hotel rating and travel booking portal HolidayCheck, the tour operator HolidayCheck Reisen, the rental car portals MietwagenCheck and Driveboo.


Is HolidayCheck the right working place for you?

Do you want to be part of the next generation of holidays? In a constant changing environment, HolidayCheck wants to be there when the Urlaubers look again for their greatest time of the year. We want to bring them back to the beach! 

At the heart of our corporate culture are our values. We live by them every day! They have helped us create an environment of continuous personal growth and trust, where HolidayCheckers can work autonomously and with a lot of flexibility, in small, self-organised teams. We improve ourselves daily, listen carefully to our customers and deliver working software to them frequently.

Do you also share our values and are you ready for the journey with HolidayCheck? Then become part of our team at one of our three locations in Bottighofen (Switzerland), Munich (Germany) or Poznan (Poland).

What we look for

  • You learn with passion 
  • You are able to self-organize 
  • You always keep the quality aspect in mind 
  • You appreciate and provide feedback 
  • You want to share your knowledge 
  • You thrive on creativity 
  • You care about site speed and performance 
  • You think about the customer 
  • …and you LOVE your work! 


Things we don’t filter by:

  • Degrees: Degrees are a privilege that we don’t base our decisions on
  • GitHub profile: Not everyone has time & energy to program in their spare time


What we look for in this position specifically:

  • You have at least 2 years of professional experience 
  • You have experience with HTMLCSS and JavaScript
  • You have experience with at least one modern Library/Framework (e.g. React, Angular, etc.) 
  • You know why to and how to write tests 
  • You have ideally experience working on distributed teams 


Things you will do

  • Join one of our cross-functional, self-organized agile product teams and work together with  designers, UX creators, backend developers, DevOps and Product Owners 
  • Develop Web Applications in React and Microservices in Nodejs 
  • Ship your code tthousands of urlaubers continously 
  • You value on pair programming, code reviews and tests 
  • You care about performance
  • Contribute to our blog– if you want to
  • Make parts of your work available on GitHub

What is in for you?

  • Self-organisation 
  • Remote work / Home-office friendly 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • International team 
  • Choose your hardware: Windows, MacOS or Linux 


Technologies @ HolidayCheck

javascript | scala | go | reactjs | docker | kubernetes | haskell | mongodb | elasticsearch | rabbitmq | functional-programming | tdd | redis | nosql | node.js | redux | jest | babeljs | apache-kafka | webpack | github | git | mysql | jenkins | akka | microservices | kotlin | swift | graphql | apache-spark | neo4j | prometheus | nix | nginx | typescript | java | python | amazon-s3 | machine-learning
We love Kubernetes and Docker. These tools form the foundation that allow us to deploy fast and easily.

Our backend & (micro-) services are running on Scala, NodeJs, Go and Haskell. We like to develop in a test-driven and functional way whenever possible.

What the customer sees is mainly based on React and Redux with the help of a Design System and Microfrontends for the web, while we use Swift for iOS and Kotlin for our Android Apps.

We store data in various databases like Mongodb, Postgres and MySql, using RabbitMQ to communicate changes to technologies like ElasticSearch and global CDNs for highest performance.

With 50 Terabyte of data, increasing by 100 GB every day, we use AWS as a big data infrastructure. We use tools like S3, Athena, EMR, Spark and Airflow. For data analysis and machine learning we use Python and R.

We empower our teams to experiment with new technologies, because we think that by using the right technology for the problem, a great user experience for our customers can be reached. Also, the insights we gain from our users flow back into our product development based on A/B testing.

Visit our TechBlog to learn more about Technology at HolidayCheck!

Engineering @ HolidayCheck

One strategic pillar of HolidayCheck is to not have the biggest but the best team. To work towards that, we empower a culture of learning, feedback and ownership. Each team can decide which technology to use that is best suited to solve their current problem. Our teams are small and work agile. We are very open minded to try out new things and contribute to open source. In corona-free times, we host and sponsor meetups and conferences, as well as organizing a yearly internal IT conference which takes place at a resort, where our customers usually enjoy their vacation.

Platform Engineering @ HolidayCheck

Platform Engineering is built on three pillars:

  • Build the company's web infrastructure platform with a clear commitment to automation,
  • Integrate external services into our technology stack and
  • Support feature teams throughout the whole product lifecycle, from design, through deployment, operation, and refinement of containerized services.

Platform Engineers are responsible for an environment with more than 1500 pods distributed across several Kubernetes clusters, more than 500 VMs and with more than 60 deployments a day.


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