HolidayCheck Group AG is one of the leading European digital companies for holidaymakers. Under our roof we combine the hotel rating and travel booking portal HolidayCheck, the tour operator HolidayCheck Reisen, the rental car portals MietwagenCheck and Driveboo as well as the Dutch hotel rating portal Zoover and the weather portals Meteovista-/Weeronline.


Together we have a vision to become the most user-friendly company for holidaymakers. At the heart of our corporate culture are our values, which we live by every day and which create an environment that allows for continuous development.


Are you looking for a way to kickstart your career in a fulltime and permanent position? Our apprenticeship program might be what you have been looking for.

Before you apply, please check out :

Be aware we only consider applications with a motivation letter in which  you tell us about yourself, your journey with programming so far and why you think you’re a good fit for the program.



The Program:

  • 6 months of guided learning, self-improvement and exploration
  • 2 mentors that will support you
  • An individual curriculum based on your skills and interests
  • Graduation as Software Crafter followed by work in one of our teams


For detailed information about the program please refer to



Work after graduation:


After you graduated from the program you will start working on our platform in one of our product teams. Our teams are cross-functional and self-organized. Decisions about the team are made by the team. Architectures are designed and implemented by the whole team in a professional, responsible manner. All Teams collaborate with our experienced Product Owners to bring new features to our platform. As a team member you will have shared responsibility for


  • Writing clean, tested and maintainable software
  • Defining team tenets and living up to them
  • Documentation (usually GitHub markdown)
  • Collaborating with an agile mindset


Here is some of the technology that we are working with currently:


  • Scala (Akka-HTTP, Akka-Streams, Spark, Cats, Scalatest, Scalacheck, sbt)
  • Node.js, Javascript/TypeScript (React, Fluxible, Redux)
  • Go
  • Nix/NixOS/NixOps
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • Mesos, Marathon, Kubernetes


We believe in the value of Open Source software. Not only do we use a lot of F/OSS we also publish and maintain software as open source ourselves:


About you:


Our apprenticeship aims at Junior Software Developers, so we focus on potential over professional experience and behavior over achievements. What we would like to see in you:

  • You can solve problems in at least one programming language
  • You want to learn and improve yourself constantly
  • You are able to self-organize
  • You want to share your knowledge in- and outside of the office


We do not filter by:


  • Degrees: Degrees are a privilege that we don’t base our decisions on
  • GitHub profile: Not everyone has time and energy to program in their spare time
  • Technology: We don’t expect knowledge in specific tools or frameworks


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