At Hive, we are on a mission to unlock the full carbon impact of EVs, in order to give future generations cleaner air and better climate. We offer a unique full-stack solution, from financing to charging, to maintenance, that is democratizing access to EVs to deliver on their promise to reduce carbon emissions. Not only do we accelerate the adoption of EVs by achieving cost parity with gas guzzling vehicles but - equally importantly - we maximize EV utilization and provide renewable energy needed to power them. Our unique model cuts the EV carbon payback time from 7 to 1.5 years! 

Our ambition is to convert 10 million traditional high mileage gas vehicle drivers to EVs over the coming decade contributing a gigaton to carbon reduction goals. To achieve this, Hive taps a convergence of technologies, which have matured over the past five years, including IOT, high range EVs, modular solar and energy storage systems, as well as the digital platforms that enable much of the high mileage workforce.

Current Job Openings

Fleet Operations

Auto Retail Customer Service Associate
Los Angeles, California
Onboarding Specialist
Los Angeles, California
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Product Manager
Los Angeles, California