Herself Health

Herself Health is an Advanced Primary Care practice / company lovingly designed for women 65 and up. We connect life goals with health goals to help our patients get more out of life.

  • Female focused – we provide female focused, age-conscious services designed to lead patients to their best lives
  • Whole person approach – Care that considers every part of health: physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and social
  • Genuine relationships – Real talk and meaningful support from doctors that take the time to get to know her
  • Unique to her goals – Customized care methods that help her reach unique life goals, realistically


Who We Are:

Herself Health is an Advanced Primary Care practice for women 65+ enrolled in Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. The concept was borne out of a need to significantly improve the delivery and quality of primary care provided to this population and solve common challenges with the delivery of healthcare today, such as long wait times, rushed appointments, and care that is generalized, rather than personalized. We have a focus on women’s issues later in life (bone loss, weight fluctuation, changes in mental, social and emotional health). The concept and development of this company has been led by a successful venture-backed team and board with a well-established record of building “best-in-class” companies. The Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St Paul, MN is the location for the company’s fist clinical market.

What We Do:

At Herself Health, we believe in taking a bold approach to the care of women in their most self-defining years. From their mid 60’s, as they age, women may finally have the luxury of time for self-care, self-reflection, and self-discovery. They often find a renewed purpose in life and can truly tap into the wellspring of wisdom and resilience they have built, allowing them to live their lives as fully as they aspire. We believe that trusted relationships are nurtured through effective communication and a sense of enduring connection. As healthcare providers, we strive to be our patients’ most trusted partners in their unique journeys through life. Our whole-person approach involves caring equally for the mind and body, while staying anchored in the value of “what matters most” to each individual. 

We use a team approach to care. As a highly trained and experienced group of professionals, we delight in working closely with each other, our patients, their loved ones, families, and caregivers. We work hard to maximize overall wellness, preserve function, optimize health, and help each woman age with dignity and grace. Our team of experts aims to elevate our patients’ experience of healthcare by providing evidence-based, whole-person, coordinated, timely, cost effective, and values-centric care. We espouse a joyful, respectful, non-discriminatory, and non-judgmental approach to every interaction, whether with our patients or among ourselves.

Current Job Openings


Associate Medical Director
Minneapolis Metro
Primary Care Medical Assistant
2004 Ford Parkway, St. Paul, MN 55116
Primary Care Medical Assistant
5450 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
St. Paul, MN (Highland Park)
Primary Care Physician
Eagan, Minnesota
Primary Care Physician
5440 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55419
Primary Care Physician
2401 Fairview Ave N #145 Roseville, MN 55113

Clinical Operations

Clinic Manager
Crystal, MN


Director, Payer Partnerships
Remote, Minnesota