Influencer/Social Media Campaign Strategist

Do you absolutely love making things happen? Learning new things, and overall being engaged in multiple disciplines simultaneously? Do you have marketing, performance marketing, or advertising experience and are looking for your next challenge?

Campaign Strategy team members at Heartbeat are wicked efficient at executing influencer based campaigns for their clients. What is a campaign at Heartbeat? Brands pay us to connect them with our network of ambassadors, who are real people NOT influencers, and create influencer-style campaigns on Instagram. Our Strategists own all aspects of running campaigns, from setting up the campaign in our system to selecting the best ambassadors to doing analytics about performance. You'll come up with creative ways to complete campaigns and get the clients the results they are looking for. Our Campaign Strategists oversee 15-20 clients' user-generated content marketing campaigns, and are constantly coming up with ways to improve our products and our process. 
You are the key contact and lead for campaigns interfacing with the client and our ambassadors on a daily basis.

Key Skills 

* Excellent Organizational Skills - You need to be highly organized, and adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously at a high standard, all while keeping multiple internal stakeholders updated on progress. 
* High EQ - You are savvy at reading the room and finding the right methods and language to connect with ambassadors and our clients.
* Getting Shit Done Skills - You pride yourself on efficiency, and you don't mind deadlines. You're excited by the challenges that come with your role, and you don't mind creating timelines and making sure people hit their deadlines.
* Communication Skills - You'll be working in a "Squad" - a team of different roles who rely on you to communicate your needs, and speak your mind. If you're not comfortable speaking up in a constructive way, this role likely isn't for you.
* Startup Mindset  - We have 24 employees, so we're small, but growing quickly. We're looking for someone who enjoys an evolving role, and is eager to grow with us. If a changing role or adding new tasks to your plate as things evolves might bother you, then you might hesitate to apply. Our employees are incredibly excited by our company's growth and what that means for their own personal career progression.
* Social Marketing - You need to have a grasp of the modern social marketing landscape, especially as it relates to Instagram. Key advertising metrics on social: clicks, engagement, audience, reach, UGC, and conversion should all be terms you're familiar and comfortable with. Bonus points if you have a background in digital advertising or influencer marketing.
* The Basics - You need to know Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google docs, Facebook, and Instagram. 

What You'll Do

* Strategize the best ways to use our tools to help clients achieve their goals
* Help our team focus on repeat business and service that makes clients love our business as much as we do
* Optimize conversion of Heartbeat campaigns, getting as many great ambassadors into a campaign as possible. 
* Build audiences and ambassador segments using internal Heartbeat tools
* Data analysis across the UGC marketing campaigns we create on Instagram
* Be responsible for tone, visuals, and adoption of our clients' campaigns by our Ambassador audience 
* Manage campaign logistics - shipping, quality control, and on-the-fly creative problem-solving
* Communicate with ambassadors/influencers via email, SMS, and our internal system

What You'll Learn

* How to build and manage the largest Instagram UGC campaigns in the world
* The ins and outs of Influencer and Social Media Marketing
* The ins and outs of Consumer Advocate management & marketing 
* How to test efficacy within an advertising channel (Heartbeat's platform)
* Good jumping off point for multiple areas within Heartbeat (Account Management, Product Management, Performance Marketing, etc)

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