Patient Advocate, Post Discharge Care (LVN/LPN)

Los Angeles

Heal is a fast-growing health-tech start-up that has an award-winning on-demand house call doctor application. Heal works with highly qualified pediatricians, geriatricians, and family practice doctors, enabled by state-of-the-art and emerging technologies, to deliver a transformative in-home experience that makes Heal a primary choice for primary care. Heal is uniquely positioned to own the entire in-home health experience for millions of everyday families.


As one of the first 50 team members of a dynamic early-stage startup with a proven business model, over $40M in funding, and on the verge of scaling the business nationally, you will have a remarkable opportunity to join a company in which you will participate in changing the world.

We are looking for an LPN or LVN to be an advocate for patients discharging from the hospital.  The Patient Advocate for Post Discharge Care will work in various hospitals in Los Angeles, and will be responsible for identifying patients in need of post discharge home care, educating patients on the value of post discharge follow up, scheduling patients for Heal post discharge visits, and working with the entire care team to ensure the patient gets the highest level of quality care that Heal provides to all of our patients.



Full time

Some local travel required


●      Identify patients in need of post discharge care

○      Develop deep in-person relationships with case managers and other care providers in the hospital setting

○      Become an expert in understanding the discharge workflow of the hospital and key intervention points for connecting with patients in need of post discharge care

○      Work with case managers and other patient advocates in the hospital to identify 20-30 patients/day who are good candidates for Heal post discharge visits

●      Educate patients in the hospital on the value of a Heal visit post discharge

○      Use brochures, one-pagers, videos, scripts, and any other means appropriate to educate patients and families on the value of a Heal post discharge visit

○      Provide education to patients and families on the importance of post discharge follow up care

○      Assist in developing and refining education materials based on real world experience working with patients and families

●      Convert patients to Heal customers

○      Schedule patients for post discharge Heal visits

○      Teach patients how to use the Heal app

○      Schedule visits using our booking portal on behalf of patients as needed

●      Own the logistics for setting up and successfully executing a quality Heal visit for patients post-discharge

○      Call patients to prepare them for their Heal visit, including gathering relevant information on recent hospital care and medications, and then sharing this information with the physician prior to the visit

○      Ensure all relevant clinical histories and post discharge instructions are shared with the Heal physician in advance of the visit

○      Highlight any key post discharge orders/instructions that the physician should ensure are followed up on

●      Assist in executing patient retention strategies to convert one-time patients to frequent Heal users for all of their primary care

○      Gather insights from patients and families in the hospital setting to understand how Heal can provide them ongoing value

○      Follow up with patients via phone to learn more about their Heal experience and how it could be improved

○      Assist in developing materials and processes to encourage patients to use Heal services again


●      LVN or LPN certification required

●      Fluency in English and Spanish required

●      Prior experience working in a healthcare setting and interacting with patients, preferably in a hospital




●      Passion for serving patients and improving the healthcare system

●      Skilled at building relationships with different stakeholders across the healthcare system (e.g. case managers, hospitalists, outpatient physicians, patients, families)

●      Adept, knowledgeable, and approachable in communicating with and educating patients and families

●      Empathy for those experiencing adverse health events


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