At Havenly, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful home that they love. Through our proprietary technology and team of talented designers, we make designing and shopping for your home, fun, easy, and accessible for all. 

As a principal engineer at Havenly,  you will be a steward of our architecture, operations, scale, and security. You will architect, design, and review platforms that support the company’s vision. You will work to make our systems efficient, our developers productive, and our deliverables trustworthy. You will look outward as well as inward, aligning our executive team and product strategy with changes in technology, and help us create an innovative culture where we are agents of those changes.

While you need to be strategic in your thinking, this is also very much a “hands-on” job - we are all executors. You should be able to dive deep into code and implement complex systems where necessary. You must be willing to fix problems anywhere you find them - in testing, deployment, operations, growth, or strategy, as much as in development and architecture. You must be able to care about a single line of code as much as the company’s vision and strategic investments. Our ideal candidate has demonstrated experience in writing front end, dynamic single-page applications and Node services.


  • Design, develop, deploy, and operate technical architecture and systems. Identify opportunities to improve existing systems/workflows for performance, speed, and accuracy.
  • Mentor engineers by giving actionable feedback and setting clear goals. Assist in calibrating and developing the engineering team as a whole.
  • Ensure the team’s clarity on project requirements, build effective technical project roadmaps and plans, and ship high-quality products.
  • Review all feature designs within your product area and across the company for cross-cutting projects. Own the security, safety, scale, operational integrity, and architectural clarity of these designs.
  • Promote engineering and operational excellence, establishing metrics and processes for regular assessment and improvement. Participate and steer operational reviews and hold both ICs and managers accountable for improvements. Advocate for improving the customer experience created by our architecture and code outcomes.
  • Help the company avoid problematic technologies, designs, and business outcomes.
  • Debug difficult technical problems, and make systems and products work better and easier to deploy, own, operate and diagnose.
  • Deliver technical and process changes to help the company move fast.
  • Be part of an engineering organization that exists to efficiently deliver high quality code to production that powers the business


  • Solid technical skills for design and coding (Node.js, React, MySQL, graphQL, AWS)
  • MS/BS in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Deep understanding of full-stack technologies and best practices.
  • 8+ years developing and architecting web based applications at scale
  • Ability to reason between available technologies, putting aside personal preference, and provide guidance to the leadership on best one(s) to move the business forward


  • 10+ years of experience providing technical leadership and direction for software engineering and development
  • The ability to inspire other team members with their technical expertise, a relentless drive for getting things done, and a strong desire to foster knowledge sharing.
  • Experience setting a strong vision and roadmap for the team and able to execute on it through leading by example.
  • Ability to drive technical decision making through objectively assessing trade-offs based on architecture, scope, business priorities, and impacts to the product experience.
  • Experience growing and mentoring engineers on the team.
  • Ability to continuously encourage team members to come up with ideas and the ability to execute on those ideas.
  • Desire to work with an ambitious team in a fast-paced environment.


It’s challenging- You get the opportunity to work hard, learn a ton, and grow your skillset. We have high expectations, and every day you’ll be faced with new challenges where you have to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. Through the work you do, you will make and see an impact on the company goals and overall growth

It’s fulfilling - We get the opportunity to affect one of the most personal aspects of someone's life, their home, every single day. We feel really lucky to be able to create spaces where people feel comfortable, make lifetime memories in, and call home. 

It’s fun - We truly love what we do. Growing a business is fun. Working with a team of incredibly talented people who also love what they do is fun. Getting to do what you love to do and make an impact is fun. 

If this sounds like a great match, we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your resumes with your application online and we'll be in touch with next steps. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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