About Happify Health

Happify Health is a world leader in the development and delivery of digital mental health solutions, including digital therapeutics. Our platform has been made accessible to over 10 million people and is used by millions.

We are scientists, researchers, health care clinicians, and digital gaming experts passionate about bringing our unique expertise and areas of knowledge together to think differently and to create new highly effective approaches to mental health, making them accessible through technology.

Working closely with health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and self-insured employers, Happify Health uses evidence-based science such as CBT, positive psychology, and mindfulness and combines it with leading-edge, engaging technology to help individuals improve their mental health and wellbeing so they can live life more fully.

About the Role

Happify Health is seeking a dynamic, self-motivated individual to support the Head of DTx, and to support and manage day-to-day operations in our Burlington office. At the highest level, the office manager will aid the executive leadership team in brainstorming and documenting new policies and enacting existing policies; in selecting and onboarding new talent; and in performing clerical and administrative tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.  The office manager will also play a pivotal role in crafting and perpetuating the corporate culture and “feel” of the Burlington office.


Candidates should have direct experience in the following tasks, as they will be expected from the date of hire:


  • Meeting Organization – Will provide support to the executive leadership team in planning and running weekly, monthly and other relevant meetings, both internally and externally. This includes developing the agenda, recording minutes with action items, setting calendar invites, and providing any logistical support (e.g. catering). Depending on the nature of the meeting, responsibilities may also include distributing and executing NDAs and basic contracts with clients, collaborators, and consultants. He or she would consult with Contract Manager as needed to craft and execute more complex contracts.


  • Assist in the New Hire Onboarding Process – Orient newly hired employees to company procedures, policies, and relevant software/hardware requirements. Establish a positive first work experience for employees and serve as their point person as they get settled and learn who does what. Get feedback from new hires about onboarding procedures that would improve the experience for future new employees and modify onboarding policies accordingly.


  • Create and Maintain Office Environment – The office manager is responsible for the design, procurement, and maintenance of office décor. He or she is also the primary point person with maintenance for any service requests. The office has various supply needs, including company computers for new employees, snacks and meal options for employees, office supplies, workstation equipment, etc. The office manager is responsible for placing the supply and inventory orders for the company, and for maintaining/replacing office equipment as needed. He or she is also responsible for receiving requests from employees in the Burlington office regarding needed supplies, equipment problems, food required to meet dietary restrictions, etc.


  • Provide Ongoing Employee Support – Offer support around logistical aspects of business-related travel for employees visiting Burlington, including providing guidance on lodging and ground transportation, ensuring dietary needs of visitors will be met in the office, and scheduling assistance in order to make optimal use of the visitor’s time. Track travel schedules of any employees traveling for business purposes and provide support to traveling employees as needed. Process vacation requests, sick time, and maternity leave. Serve as clerk for employee performance reviews (e.g. collect evaluations from supervisors and colleagues and assemble into a report) as well as any complaints lodged (e.g. speak with employee, write up the complaint, and convey to executive leadership as appropriate).


  • Manage and Adhere to Operational Budget - Will work the executive leadership team to budget operational needs for the Burlington office and to follow/manage the budget, once established.


Applicants should have the relevant skills needed to do these tasks, but they need not have done these tasks, exactly; they will be trained to perform them:


  • Facilitate Hiring Process –Happify’s Burlington office has an aggressive hiring plan to add 50+ new hires in Boston over the next 24 months. The office manager will work in close consultation with the executive leadership team to understand the goals for each role being hired, and will then serve as the first line of screening for candidates applying to work at the Burlington office. Since the office manager will be the first point of contact that prospective employees make, they must be able to articulate to candidates the perks of working with Happify. Once a smaller pool of viable candidates is selected, the office manager will then serve as clerk for the remainder of the interview process, scheduling interviews with relevant stakeholders, providing logistical support to interviewers (e.g. printing a briefing sheet including resume of candidate being interviewed for interviewer to review) and spurring the interview process forward. The office manager will also be the primary point of contact for interviewing candidates around travel logistics and scheduling.


  • Build Corporate Culture - Will support the executive leadership team in developing, supporting, and maintaining the corporate culture by supporting Happify’s values. This may include organizing regular culture-building events for Burlington employees (e.g. monthly team lunch); coordinating crossover events with the New York office and with remote employees to foster company-wide connectedness; and being the point person for any questions or concerns employees might have regarding work-related quality of life. The office manager would also have the potential to initiate (with input from key stakeholders in the company) discussions around corporate policies related to quality of life and work-life balance, as needed based on feedback received from employees.


Skills Required: Proficiency with Spreadsheets, Organizational Skills, Written and Verbal Communication Skills, Accuracy and Attention to Detail, Analytical Skills, Ability to Cultivate Positive Social Environment, Independence

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