Our mission is to unlock people’s athletic potential. We are driven by a belief that athletics broadly, and cycling in particular, have profound power to improve both individuals and society. The bicycle is practical, quiet, economical, doesn’t pollute, is entirely sustainable, and often the fastest vehicle in dense urban settings. This same vehicle is also an elite performance machine, providing deep satisfaction and community to athletes who push themselves day after day in the quiet pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe that each hour spent on the bike makes us better versions of ourselves. 


Our company sits at the intersection of technology and athletics and we have begun with a contradiction we identified in cycling tech: its digital technology is decades behind its material technology. The bikes used at the highest end of the sport are at the absolute pinnacle of material science, while cycling computers, on the other hand, are generationally behind other consumer technologies. In the Karoo 2 we are building software and hardware that is cutting edge and original, rather than derivative, bringing the digital revolution to the bike, and completely altering the in ride experience. 


With a sizable Karoo user base and a community that’s deeply passionate about the product, we have tremendous momentum behind us, and are hard at work. We announced the Karoo 2 in August, and it will set a new standard when it launches at the end of 2020. 


The Head of Product Role: 

As the Head of Product at Hammerhead, you will report to the CEO. You will set the product direction across multiple product lines, work with the team to execute the product vision, and build the product team that can do these things at scale. 


As Head of Product you will:


Understand the customer and the market

  • Execute market analysis to understand initial and secondary market opportunities
  • Conduct detailed and regular assessments of customer needs
  • Create and use customer segmentation in service of product stratey
  • Track the competitive landscape to understand opportunities to gain advantage


Set Product Direction

  • Deliver a roadmap based on input from CEO and other key leaders, market information, customer segments, financial implications, and strategic vision
  • Articulate and maintain the product vision and roadmap within Hammerhead as well as to external parties
  • Work closely with stakeholders to translate product roadmap to accurate specifications and timelines
  • Work with marketing so that they can represent the product and vision in customer-facing messaging and communications  
  • Continually build relationships with customer support and directly with customers and represent their voice to internal stakeholders.
  • Work with engineering teams to define, prioritize, and adapt through execution of feature development
  • Practice and educate the company on best-practices inProduct decision making



  • Lead the cross-functional teams to define and execute on product vision
  • Confidently communicate and manage tradeoffs in product decision-making to set clear priorities
  • Identify, hire, and coach the product team needed to create and meet the product vision
  • Represent the Product and Hammerhead with business partners and investors
  • Demonstrate and teach Product craft mastery, keen product intuition, and thought leadership



Success in this role looks like: 

  • You’ve delivered an ambitious but achievable short term roadmap in your first 3 months
  • You’ve measurably improved the ability to prioritize and manage features, bugs, and backlog
  • Internal teams and BOD have a clear understanding of product status, direction, and roadmap
  • You’ve improved the ability of your existing team to deliver value to the company
  • You’ve hired additional resources and have a clear and reasonable growth plan

Who we need for this role:

Required Experience:

  • 5+ years of experience in Product Management 
  • 10+ years of total work experience in high performance environments, with evidence of career advancement within the organization
  • Experience hiring, and performance managing teams
  • Experience launching new products and growing existing products 
  • Experience working within the Agile and Scrum processes


Required Skills and Attributes:

  • You are a cyclist, triathlete or mountain biker
  • The ability to think biggest-picture and still understand the finest detail
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Technical understanding and curiosity - you understand how technology works and are always learning
  • Financial and operational fluency


Bonus Attributes:

  • Ability and experience with hardware products or integrated hardware/software products
  • A software or hardware engineering education or other technical experience
  • Experience directing user experience and product design
  • Experience launching or growing subscription business models
  • Experience with modern digital consumer electronics
  • Experience at an early-stage, venture-backed company

Working at Hammerhead:

On a mission to win

We are here to build the best product in our category, and have assembled a team of highly disciplined individuals dedicated to mastering our craft. We will only build products that we believe will be the best in their class, and are fully focused on making Karoo 2 the world’s best cycling computer. We are not interested in spreading ourselves thin to produce a wide range of products that won't push the boundaries of their categories.


Playing as a team

We have a strong culture of athletics, with many members of the team being passionate cyclists. This provides a basis for excellence, as we seek to foster in our work environment, that same dedication, precision and camaraderie of an elite sport team. We all play our part with excellence, and are willing to step outside of our role when necessary to block and tackle for each other, in the knowledge that everyone else is bringing the same dedication to the mission. 


Taking ownership

We believe that taking ownership, and focusing on the problems and solutions that we can control, regardless of how small they might be, is the most effective way to operate as individuals and as a team. We do not make excuses, and we take ownership at all levels, because taking ownership leads to clear steps for action and creates a great work environment of humility. We provide honest, clear, feedback from another, even when it might be easier not to do so. 



Building a team of excellence, allows us to provide maximum freedom in the structure of our work. We have created systems for remote work since our company’s inception, offer flexible work hours, and limitless time off. We celebrate excellence at work, and in play, recognizing each team member's contribution, and financially supporting personal athletic goals. Interpersonal relationships are key to success and we provide formal and informal company gatherings and retreats throughout the year in beautiful locations. 


We are looking for: 

We seek those inspired by our vision to unlock peoples athletic potential, and eager to dive into the challenges of bringing extraordinary technology to life through all the uncertainties of product development and business. We are looking for individuals who are responsible, responsive, attentive, and kind, and a pleasure to work with. A pre-existing passion for athletics in general and cycling in particular is a huge plus. 



As a Equal Opportunity Employer, Hammerhead will consider all qualified applicants regardless of color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital or family status, disability, gender identity or expression, veteran status, actual or presumed belonging to an ethnic group, or any other legally protected status. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know.



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