GYST handles select, elite placements for administrative and executive assistant positions with public figures, established entrepreneurs and top organizations in the tri-state area. We take on placements for clients we believe will provide a positive work environment optimized for assistant success exclusively. 



You will provide support in an administrative and/or executive assistant capacity to 1-2 Stakeholders. You will be required to think deeply on their behalf and be responsible for your Stakeholders’ time allocation and overall efficiency to help maximize their impact. Positions are 40 hours/week with access to a full benefits package, compensation DOE. GYST Executive Assistants are employed directly by one of our partner organizations in most cases. NOTE: All current open positions are in finance. 



  • Priority management, including tracking actions, deriving actions from email correspondence or from meeting notes, keeping Stakeholder on track with to do’s, crafting and adhering to timelines and communicating with Stakeholder to guide she or he to consistent and on time delivery of work product and fulfillment of goals.
  • Calendar management, including facilitating all meeting requests, frequent reschedules, urgent adjustments and similar in fast paced, highly changeable environment, and always with an awareness of good use of Stakeholder time and eye to priority alignment.
  • Gatekeeper duties, serves as first point of contact for others who need time and energy from Stakeholder, defends Stakeholder's time and energy resources, facilitates Stakeholder's interaction with others to appropriate levels
  • Prepares and facilitates meetings, including drafting and editing decks, printing materials, handling all technical and audio visual needs, setting and distributing agenda, taking close notes, following up all action items, providing reminders, anticipating any food and beverage needs, and similar
  • Time tracking and data synthesis, including keeping accurate and specific records of how Stakeholder deploys time resource across priorities and synthesis to make data driven recommendations for Stakeholder to more effectively utilize time resource in pursuit of goals
  • Daily guidance, including shepherding Stakeholder into and out of all scheduled commitments, ensuring all preparation is in hand for every commitment with time for review, and Manager’s needs are fully met to enable high performance at every engagement throughout the day. Requires ability to see Stakeholder from a human perspective and anticipate basic needs of food, water, bio breaks and similar.



  • Organized and Reliable
  • Resourceful
  • Proactively anticipates needs
  • Provides calm in ambiguous, urgent or stressful environments; can be a “rock”
  • Proven tolerance for and success in urgent environments
  • Can think empathetically in relation to someone else’s needs, thoughtful
  • Solutions oriented, can perceive problems and suggest and implement solutions
  • Ability to prioritize and work cross functionally when managing several concurrent threads
  • Technology skills requisite to enable smooth workflows and ability to pick up and apply new technologies quickly (e.g. able to learn Office 365, text messaging, video conferencing, A/V and conference room technology and similar)
  • Candidates with experience working as an administrative assistant supporting one person or in a pool, in an office management position, or other administrative roles/environments with similar responsibilities preferred.



  • High proficiency in Microsoft Office 360, especially calendars
  • Familiarity with Confluence, WebEx, Jira
  • Working knowledge of Zoom, including Zoom Rooms
  • Experience support technologists, entrepreneurs and finance executives
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Surface device


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