At GumGum, we innovate. Our two divisions, Advertising and Sports, are powered by expansive, sophisticated AI-driven marketing and analytics solutions. Our vision is clear: We want to use our proprietary technology to solve the hard problems across the media industry. As a company, we celebrate kindness, resilience, the courage to think outside the box and the importance of having fun. All of our internal operations and decisions are undertaken with complete transparency, with a highly accessible executive, leadership team. For GumGummers, we believe in providing all the necessary tools, resources and guidance needed for them to excel. And, they do excel. If GumGum sounds like the right fit for you, please be in touch. We want to hear from you!


We’re currently focusing most of our energy on supporting our GumGummers and customers. While we currently do not have many open positions, we’d love to consider you in the future. Feel free to fill out a general application or follow us on LinkedIn for further updates.

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Santa Monica, California, United States

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