As a data engineer you will be in charge of designing, creating and providing a scalable data architecture and data tools so that other teams can use data in a fast and accurate way for decision making. 



  • Provide architecture and tools so that other teams can use data in a fast and accurate way
  • Provide advice on data architecture for the infrastructure team
  • Help develop and maintain data modeling to improve analysis in the company
  • Provide reliable data and tools to the company


Table stakes: 

  • Proficient in python scripting
  • Expert in SQL
  • Comfortable working in a Linux terminal (command-line interface).
  • Knowledge of: 
    • Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark
    • Spark streaming or Kafka
    • Scala or Kotlin 
  • Expert building ETLs using tools like Glue, Airflow or Luigi 
  • Basic AWS infrastructure understanding
  • Knowledge on the basics of distributed systems
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solver
  • Shows hunger to learn new skills & tools to solve problems


Nice to haves: 

  • Has had experience leading any type of technology team
  • Background in micro mobility or mobility services
  • Basic understanding of machine learning modeling

Special spikes: 

  • Experience managing geospatial data at scale
  • Experience putting a Machine Learning model in production via Rest API  
  • Experience with graph data modeling and scaling graph databases
  • Experience setting up data security protocols

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