About your job:

Our data scientist will be in charge of creating and leading our data team to projects including developing mathematical models that can impact our operations and customers experience

Here you are going to be responsible for:

  • Help out building models to improve distribution and placing of scooters
  • Develop micro models for different areas to help connect priorities of these areas to our main growth model
  • Roll out logic (or algorithms) to software to improve customer experience to users, chargers and Grin Fields users
  • Lead and develop our data science team
  • Help forecasting and predicting questions on baselines of key metrics (rides per day, active scooters, rides per scooter, distribution coefficients of operations zones, etc)

Our requirements for this position are:

  • Experience in data analysis and visualization
  • Has lead and grown at least 1 team within another company or startup
  • Established, timeline, goals and requirements (both technical and human) for at least 3 projects in his career
  • Expert on R or Python for modeling
  • General Statistics Knowledge: Understands hypothesis testing (p-value), Understanding of key stat concepts like: mode, mean, standard deviation, statistical distribution types, discrete vs continuous variables, Bayes Theorem, Type i and Type ii errors, Advanced Stats: K-Neighborhood algorithm, decision tree learning, T-tests, Markov chains
  • Can describe describe a metric in terms of inputs and outputs
  • Has done a project with an API to understand how APIs works and how to connect to them to gather data
  • Attention to detail
  • His/her data interpretation goes beyond the obvious
  • Problem solver
  • Shows hunger to learn new skills & tools to solve problems
  • Experience with SQL and no-SQL databases
  • Experience with coding (Python, C, Matlab, R, etc)
  • Advanced English skills
  • Proactiveness and self motivation

Nice to haves:

  • Previous experience building dashboards on tools like Superset, ModeAnalytics, Periscope or any other viz tools based on SQL
  • Can run an application on the cloud

Bonus skills:

  • Has done a project with PostGIS
  • Has created the data structure for a previous project or company
  • Has utilized machine learning to solve a problem in the past
  • Led an experiment using bayesian testing in a previous company
  • Have you worked with Software Engineers (that have scaled a model into a product)


  • Startup environment
  • Work in a startup pre-launch phase

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