Grow Mobility

Grow is a Latam-based holding for micromobility and payments. It is the result of the merger between Grin, the Mexican scooter pioneer, and Yellow, a multimodal and payment player from Brazil.

History of Grow

Grow was born by the merger between Grin and Yellow to become the biggest micro mobility LATAM company. Together we operate more than 135,000 vehicles in seven countries - Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile - and made more than 10 millions rides around Latin America.

We are Growers

We make bold bets. Rethinking the way to see, feel and interact with our cities is not an easy task and we often need to move on with things that we are not very comfortable. We are building a high performance team to help us create different mobility modals for moving around the city. Our favorites are practical, cheap and fun :) When everyone thinks it is impossible, we simply go there and do it. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

We Love Our Cities

We love our cities and we strongly believe that everything we do impact people's quality of life. We look for innovative solutions for our society. We act as transformation agents, resignifying urban spaces and changing the way people interact with their cities This is what we believe. This is what we do.


Current Job Openings



Head de Transporte
Lima, Peru



Product Designer
São Paulo