Gridspace is a speech software company out of SRI, the lab behind Siri. Its software processes millions of spoken interactions for some of the world's most respected businesses. From contact centers to trading desks to voice networks, enterprise operators use Gridspace to capture, understand and handle all their mission-critical voice communications. Gridspace's real-time, accurate and massively scaleable speech processing technology has been recognized by NIPS, NoJitter, HBR, Forbes and the BBC. Gartner named it a "Cool Vendor" and Forrester covered Gridspace its latest NLU briefing.

The team behind Gridspace has built cutting edge speech recognition systems, put the Curiosity rover on Mars, built systems for Google, launched cloud video game platforms and created payment technology companies. Gridspace is backed by Santander, Bloomberg, USAA, Wells Fargo and the former COO of Facebook. The company is hiring for its offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco and offers a challenging mission, competitive compensation, and a high-quality working environment.

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