Fellow Leader Position Description


School Leadership

  • Provide support to the Corps Manager
    • Be proactive, supportive & respond to challenging situations with Fellows, students and parents
  • Articulate the school vision with a focus on student academic achievement and social/emotional development.
  • Maintain a supportive, secure and respectful learning environment.
  • Maintain a strong presence with students to support with behavior management.
  • Respond immediately and effectively to resolve conflict with students.
  • Seek support and appropriately engage the Corps Manager, School Leader and Chief Corps Officer when presented with challenges.
  • Support with on-boarding Fellows to include housing placement, move in, communication, analyzing surveys, preparing training material, planning and facilitating professional development sessions, planning special events, etc
  • Support with managing Fellow deployment and assignment of school duties i.e. arrival, lunch and dismissal. 
  • Support with Professional Development for Fellows throughout the school year.
  • Maintain a strong daily presence with Fellows to ensure competency. 
  • Support with apartment inspections and reporting.
  • On call to support with resolving immediate housing concerns.
  • Immediately notifies Corps Manager, Chief Corps Officer and School Leader of pertinent concerns related to Fellows.
  • Monitor each Fellow’s weekly phone call data to ensure consistent parent communication and balancing of positive and concerning calls. 
  • Efficient and timely communication with Corps Manager regarding performance areas of concern, i.e. not meet expectations, missed deadlines, tardiness, unprofessional conduct, misalignment of vision, etc.
  • Effectively and consistently models code of conduct
  • Solutions driven and consistently provides solutions to potential challenges.
  • Enforces Management Toolkit components. 
  • Models and instills the core values of Great Oaks Legacy among the students.  
  • Consistently disciplines students and seeks out guidance/consensus when making decisions around school culture policy choices.
  •  Models school culture for adults and supports their growth through specific feedback and follow-up. 
  • Ensure all Fellows are on the same page when it comes to interpretation of school culture.
  • Secondary role, including but not limited to: 
    • Power Up/PM/Saturday Academy Support- Facilitates the academic enrichment programs, assesses student data to select students, tracks student progress and attendance.
    • Data Specialist Support- Assists with generating daily and weekly student reports, coordinates logistics for technology use, and supports with data analysis.
    • Internal/External Operations Support- Supports the efficient and effective operation of the school; assists with operational duties, including facilities, student enrollment/records, technology, student meals and transportation, communication, outreach, marketing, and recruiting.
    • Tutorial Curriculum Support – Supports tutorial curriculum, curricular events and organizing academic initiatives.
    • Special Projects Support - Provides support for special projects related to school operations, including school programs and events, enrichment, student trips, service projects, and community/fundraising events.
    • Dean of Students Support – Supports the Dean of Students with tracking student data, creating and implementing student incentives, and managing school culture systems.
    • Special Education/RTI Support – Works closely with the School Social Worker/Child Study Team, RTI Coordinator, and Dean of Students to help facilitate the school’s special education and RTI programs.


  • Conduct informal/formal observations of coaching team outlined by the Fellows Evaluation Calendar.
  • Conduct observations & coaching sessions in order to provide frequent individualized actionable feedback in the lens of the Academic Toolkit and Management Toolkit components.
    • Monitor and track observations using the Whetstone Platform
  • Monitor student homework percentages and provide feedback to Fellows
  • Assess assessment results and support with data analysis PD for Fellows. 
  • Ensure all Fellows are planning for all tutorials and feedback on tutorial plans are provided and tracked
  • Assess progress reports and report cards to measure student growth and support with creating action steps for improvement.
  • Enforce the Corps Manager focus bucket to assess student learning and growth. 
  • Provide clear and consistent weekly communication to coaching team.
  • Ensure timely reporting periods for results from daily surveys, observations, mid year surveys, and student growth by tutorial group.
  • Assess the needs of Fellows and develop a plan to provide support to address the target areas including their primary and secondary role.
  • Monitor daily schedule for coaching team. 
  • Support secondary placement for coaching team.
  • Respond immediately and effectively to support with resolving conflict amongst Fellows.
  • Monitor tutorial group pairing and consistently assess effectiveness, behavior dynamics and student growth, including providing feedback to school leadership team to maximize effectiveness of the school’s tutorial program


  • Collaborate with teachers to devise intervention plans for students. 
  • Monitor student behavior and collaborate with child study team if necessary to develop a behavior modification plan.
  • Communicates regularly with parents around positive and negative student behavior while consistently referencing the school’s core values. 
  • Consistently makes and logs phone calls on a weekly basis.
  • Provide daily individualized instruction (tutoring) to students in math and/or English Language Arts for an average of five (50 minute) periods a day 
  • Utilize 1-2 prep periods each day to organize, adapt, and/or plan instructional materials
  • Provide students with extra academic supports during after school and/or Saturday Academy over the course of the school year when necessary (dependent on campus placement)
  • Work with students to set individualized student driven academic goals
  • Actively participate in student and/or content focused meetings with Fellow leadership, school leadership, and teachers
  • Assess student progress on a regular basis and effectively use data to inform more personalized instruction
  • Provide in-class or curriculum support depending on your role in the program

Qualifications and Competencies

GO Fellow Lead positions are reserved for experienced Fellows who exhibit great promise as leaders in combining adult leadership with relationship building in service of leading students to ambitious academic and personal gains. Success in this role will also require the candidate to cultivate respect and rapport with all members of the school community.  


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Citizenship or legal Permanent Residency status in the United States (AmeriCorps National requirement)
  • Served no more than three previous AmeriCorps service terms (AmeriCorps National requirement)


A successful candidate will bring the following qualifications: 

  • At least two semesters of serving with outstanding performance in the Great Oaks Fellowship; in select cases a candidate may be considered if s/he held a comparable role in a similar organization
  • Passion for service and a resilient, positive mindset
  • Commitment to serving children in public schools and an unwavering belief that ALL students can succeed
  • Belief in the impact of the Fellowship program on students and belief that all Fellows can succeed
  • Demonstrates ability to coach peers through observations, feedback, small group meetings, and one-on-one check-ins
  • Relationship building, communication, and collaboration skills- experience working in team settings
  • Maturity to live and work closely with professional peers
  • Ability to stay organized and met deadlines
  • Commitment to lifelong learning- responds well to and implements feedback
  • Collaborative problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to maintain high support, expectations, accountability, and to ultimately drive towards results
  • The ability to effectively and professionally communicate with students, parents, school staff, and community members
  • Ability to stay organized, to adhere to all deadlines and manage competing priorities
  • Knowledge of academic standards in math and/or ELA
  • Determination and drive to get the details right 
  • A passion for service
  • Resiliency, flexibility and a positive mindset
  • An exceptional ability to respond well to and implement feedback 


GO Fellow Leads receive housing, a living allowance, a leadership role in the Great Oaks Fellowship, professional development, and the opportunity to shape the service experience of young professionals, the GO Fellowship program and the future of students.


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