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About Great Oaks Charter Schools

What sets Great Oaks schools apart from other college preparatory charters is the Great Oaks Fellowship- a selective cadre of recent college graduates who deliver individualized instruction to every student every day. In addition to providing individualized instruction, Fellows mentor students to support social and emotional growth 

The mission of the Great Oaks Foundation is to launch and support a network of charter schools that prepare students for college success through a rigorous tutorial program. The Great Oaks Foundation has replicated the Great Oaks Fellowship model in Newark, NJ, New York, NY, Bridgeport, CT, Wilmington, DE and Baltimore, MD. A select group of Great Oaks Fellows are enrolled in the Teaching Residency program. 

We are seeking team-oriented, student-centered, service-minded individuals who share the belief that all students deserve a high-quality education. 

Position Summary

GO 2nd Year Fellows are integral members of the Great Oaks community. GO 2nd Year Fellows not only serve as experienced tutors and mentors to students, but also serve as examples to incoming first year Fellows. As experienced members in the Great Oaks community, GO 2nd Year Fellows collaborate with diverse stakeholders to ensure that every student receives the energizing instruction, nurturing mentorship and enriching environment needed to thrive.

GO 2nd Year Fellows also hold a great deal of responsibility for modeling effective instructional and mentorship strategies, and for setting a positive, professional tone for their first-year counterparts. The ideal candidate for this role has built strong, positive relationships throughout the Great Oaks community, are viewed as leaders by their peers, and have a demonstrated track record of exemplary implementation of the Great Oaks Fellowship model, culture, and expectations.

To ensure that Fellows meet the necessary living expenses incurred while participating in the Great Oaks Fellowship program, members are provided a modest living stipend, housing (utilities and furniture included) and access to food and health benefits. Members also receive ongoing professional development throughout the year. Fellows will be eligible for an AmeriCorps Segal Education Award upon successful completion of the service term in good standing with the service site (completing 1,700 hours of service for Full-time members and the school year in its entirety). Most importantly, Great Oaks Fellows gain valuable professional and personal experience and acquire skills in civic-engagement, teamwork and leadership during a year of service.

As a member of the Great Oaks Fellowship, you will be directly responsible for providing individualized instruction, mentorship, and enrichment opportunities to several small groups of students each day. This is a service role through AmeriCorps with regular full-time hours Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. 

The ideal candidate for the Great Oaks Fellowship is a recent college graduate who is passionate about service and working with youth. Great Oaks Fellows serve in Newark, NJ, New York, NY, Bridgeport, CT, Wilmington, DE and Baltimore, MD.


Instruct for Mastery - Fellows deliver individualized small-group instruction to students in the context of a supportive relationship, resulting in a significant increase in math and ELA achievement. 

  • Provide daily tutoring to students in math and/or English Language Arts for an average of four (45 minute) periods a day 
  • Utilize at least one prep period each day to organize, adapt, and/or plan instructional materials
  • Provide additional academic supports during after-school programming and/or Saturday Academy (dependent on campus placement)
  • Collaborate with teachers to support individualized and student-driven academic goal setting
  • Actively participate in student and/or content-focused meetings with Fellow leadership, school leadership, and teachers
  • Regularly assess student progress to inform personalized instruction
  • Provide in-class or curriculum support (dependent on secondary role)

Mentor for Leadership - Fellows provide fundamental support to students’ social emotional growth. Fellows help empower students to evolve into leaders.

  • Mentor small groups of students in formal and informal settings
  • Collaborate with school staff to support students’ individualized learning needs  
  • Consistently serve as a model of professional behavior for students
  • Ensure students’ continued demonstration of school-wide values and culture systems
  • Support students to set self-directed social emotional goals
  • Cultivate relationships with families through weekly communication, ensuring open conversations about student progress

Develop a Community - Fellows will contribute to the development of the school and surrounding communities. 

  • Support the development of an enriching school environment by being present during arrival,  dismissal, lunch and transition of students as well as school and community-based events
  • Learn and acclimate to the Great Oaks school culture and procedures, hold students accountable to expectations when necessary
  • Actively engage in professional development sessions that are focused on student instruction (tutorial), mentoring and coaching techniques, student data, personal development, diversity and inclusion, etc.
  • Plan and support student and family events 
  • Participate in school-wide service days- 9/11 Day of Service and Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service 
  • Lead and support after-school programming (varies by campus)
  • Effectively collaborate with a team of Fellows to achieve the Program’s mission
  • Additional responsibilities established by school and network leadership


  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree
  • Citizenship or legal Permanent Residency status in the United States (AmeriCorps requirement)
  • Served no more than three previous AmeriCorps service terms (AmeriCorps National requirement)


A successful candidate will bring the following qualifications: 

  • At least two semesters of serving with outstanding performance in the Great Oaks Fellowship; in select cases a candidate may be considered if s/he held a comparable role in a similar organizationPassion for service and a resilient, positive mindset
  • Passion for service and a resilient, positive mindset
  • Commitment to serving children in public schools and an unwavering belief that ALL students can succeed
  • Prior experience working or volunteering with children (tutoring and/ or mentoring preferred) 
  • Relationship building, communication, and collaboration skills- experience working in team settings
  • Maturity to live and work closely with professional peers
  • Ability to stay organized and met deadlines
  • Commitment to lifelong learning- responds well to and implements feedback
  • Collaborative problem-solving abilities

General Information

This AmeriCorps service role will start in early August 2021 and run through June 2022. GO Fellow positions are available in New York City, NY, Newark, NJ, Bridgeport, CT, Baltimore, MD and Wilmington, DE.


Please submit an online application.  Please use the "Add Cover Letter" button at the bottom of the application page to include a cover letter that addresses the following questions:

1)  Please reflect on the last 6 months as a member of the Great Oaks Fellowship. What have you learned through this experience and how will you apply these lessons to excel next year as Second Year Fellow?

2)  Please choose one of the following prompts below and tell us your ideas on how to address these challenges.

  • February can be a dark and challenging month. Consider some of the challenges we've had this year and propose two solutions that you think can help improve the mood of the Fellows moving forward.
  • Discuss one way we could improve either the math or ELA program to help more of our students reach proficiency.

3) Indicate the grade and content with which you are most interested in working.

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