About Great Oaks Charter Schools

The mission of the Great Oaks Foundation is to launch and support a network of charter schools that prepare students for college success through a rigorous tutorial program.

What sets Great Oaks schools apart from other college preparatory charters is our Great Oaks Fellowship; a selective cadre of recent college graduates who deliver at least two hours of individualized instruction to every student every day. In addition to providing individualized instruction, Fellows mentor students to support social and emotional growth and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to develop an enriching school community where our students thrive.

The Great Oaks Foundation has replicated this model in Newark, NJ, New York, NY, Bridgeport, CT, and Wilmington, DE. A select group of the Fellows at Great Oaks are enrolled in our Teacher Residency program.

We are seeking team-oriented, student-centered people who share the belief that all students deserve a high-quality education. 

Position Summary

Great Oaks AmeriCorps Fellow Leads (GO Fellow Leads) are integral members of the Great Oaks community. GO Fellow Leads not only serve as experienced instructors and mentors to our students, but also coach, lead and support first year GO Fellows. As leaders in the Great Oaks community, GO Fellow Leads collaborate with diverse stakeholders to ensure that every student receives the instruction and mentorship they need to thrive. GO Fellow Leads, additionally,  help develop Great Oaks schools into positive, holistic communities for students and support AmeriCorps members to develop as people and professionals.

GO Fellow Leads hold a great deal of responsibility for ensuring that GO Fellows feel valued, supported, and effective in their roles.  The ideal candidate for this role has built strong, positive relationships throughout the Great Oaks community, are viewed as leaders by their peers, go above and beyond what is expected and have demonstrated exemplary implementation of the Great Oaks Fellowship model and culture.




Fellow Leads will observe and coach a team of Fellows in math and/or ELA instruction to achieve meaningful academic gains with students.  Leads will provide ongoing feedback to Fellows and manage a team towards achieving ambitious academic outcomes. Leads coach Fellows to improve in the Instruct for Mastery domain which includes: instructional preparation, instructional practice, delivery of instruction, and data analysis and differentiation. Reference the Instruct for Mastery domain of the Fellow IMD Rubric for more details.

  • Lead tutorial groups (rooms) through systems and routines to establish and hold students accountable to expectations which may include the launch and close of tutorial sessions
  • Model excellent instructional practices and conduct daily observations + provide a team of Fellows with ongoing feedback and coaching to improve their instructional practices 
  • Work with Fellows and students to ensure that every student has individualized student-driven academic goals
  • Assess student progress on a regular basis and effectively use data to inform more personalized instruction; coach Fellows on how to effectively use data to inform more personalized instruction
  • Support and lead student- and content-focused meetings with school leadership, teachers, and Fellows; collaborate with GO Fellow Leadership to develop individualized instructional content
  • Support the Fellow Leadership team to plan and lead professional development for GO Fellows
  • Provide daily individualized instruction to small groups of Great Oaks students when necessary
  • Plan and facilitate weekly meetings and check-ins


Fellow Leads play an integral role in modeling professional mentorship practices inside and outside of goal setting spaces, while also helping to lead and develop Fellows to improve in the Mentor for Leadership domain which includes: professional relationships, behavior management, coaching and motivating students, leveraging family support and Fellow perspective in order to achieve meaningful social-emotional gains with students. Reference the Mentor for Leadership domain of the Fellow IMD Rubric for more details. 

  • Oversee daily mentorship of small groups of Great Oaks students in formal and informal settings
  • Model excellent mentorship practices and conduct daily observations + provide a team of Fellows with ongoing feedback and coaching to improve their mentorship practices
  • Work with Fellows and students to ensure that every student has individualized student driven social-emotional goals
  • Collaborate with Fellows, teachers, and administrators to support the individualized needs of students (ie: identifying students who need counseling, creating behavior improvement plans, etc.); collaborate with GO Fellow Leadership to develop individualized mentorship content
  • Cultivate relationships with families through weekly phone calls and other communications to maintain an open conversation about student performance & support and hold fellows accountable to doing the same
  • Provide daily individualized mentorship to small groups of Great Oaks students when necessary


Fellow Leads are responsible for the creation of a welcoming and professional community, where individuals feel affirmed, respected, and committed towards supporting their teammates and achieving student academic and social-emotional goals. Fellow Leads are relationship-focused and serve to support Fellows to improve in the Help Develop a Community domain including: Fellow’s sense of professionalism and respect, commitment to service, growth, and teamwork. Fellow Leads bolster the development of the community with integrity, professionalism, and humility.  Reference the Help Develop a Community domain of the Fellow IMD Rubric for more details.

  • Guide Fellows to an understanding of professionalism in the context of a school community; help acclimate Fellows to Great Oaks school culture and uphold GO Fellowship policies and procedures, holding Fellows accountable to high standards of professional practices
  • Contribute to the positive AmeriCorps experience of Fellows and to a collaborative & positive GO Fellow community; plan or support the planning of team building, appreciation, reflection, career readiness, alumni, and/or community service activities
  • Assist Fellows in developing enrichment programs outside of tutorial such as after school, Saturday academy, and/or elective programming
  • Support the development of an enriching school environment by being present during transitions, engaging with students during lunch, providing in-class or curriculum support, leading after-school clubs, supporting Saturday programming, and/or attending school events. Hold Fellows accountable to do the same

Qualifications and Competencies

GO Fellow Lead positions are reserved for experienced Fellows who exhibit great promise as a leader, combining strong adult leadership with relationship building in service of leading students to ambitious academic and personal gains. Success in this role will also require the candidate to cultivate respect and rapport with all members of the school community.  

A successful candidate will demonstrate the following qualifications and competencies:  

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • An unshakeable belief that all students and Fellows can succeed
  • At least two semesters of serving with outstanding performance in the Great Oaks Fellowship; in select cases a candidate may be considered if s/he held a comparable role in a similar organization
  • Excellent leadership skills with a history of leadership roles amongst peers
  • Demonstrates ability to coach peers through observations, feedback, small group meetings, and one-on-one check-ins
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to maintain high support, expectations, accountability, and to ultimately drive towards results
  • The ability to effectively and professionally communicate with students, parents, school staff, and community members
  • A remarkable ability to stay extremely organized, to adhere to all deadlines and manage competing priorities
  • Knowledge of academic standards in math and/or ELA
  • Determination and an innate drive to get the details right 
  • A passion for service
  • Resiliency, flexibility and a positive mindset
  • An exceptional ability to respond well to and implement feedback 


GO Fellow Leads receive housing, a living stipend, a formal leadership role in the Great Oaks Fellowship, professional development, and the opportunity to shape the service experience of young professionals, the GO Fellowship program, and the future of students living in urban communities.

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