Graphcore has created a completely new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for artificial intelligence. The IPU’s unique architecture means developers can run current machine learning models’ orders of magnitude faster. More importantly, it lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next great breakthroughs in general machine intelligence.

Our team is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution, enabling innovators from all industries and sectors to expand human potential with technology.

What we do really makes a difference.

We are looking for a QA engineer to help grow our System QA team which is tasked with developing and running tests designed to analyse the reliability, quality and performance of our AI systems.  These systems consist of dedicated Graphcore devices, hardware and software coupled with standard high-end servers, memory systems, networking and Linux stacks.  Various engineering teams are responsible for testing and delivering individual Graphcore hardware and software components.  The System QA team is all about continuously validating the robustness and performance of the complete system at all levels.

The key skills required in the System QA team are an understanding of the system under test followed by the development and integration of software and test scripts.  Automation and data analysis will also be required.  Detailed knowledge of artificial intelligence models is not required – this is all about the platform and tools.


  • Develop tests and scripts which validate the integration of the hardware and software components into a complete system.
  • Develop tests and scripts to check the complete system at sufficient scale to ensure that deployments and updates at customer sites have great quality and reliability.
  • Develop and maintain automation of system testing and reporting of results.
  • Perform continuous analysis of system-level data to check for interactions and regressions otherwise missed by hardware and software unit CI testing.
  • Perform manual experiments and data analysis to provide feedback to Engineering teams when issues are uncovered.


  • Good software engineering experience. 
  • Experience of developing and maintaining test frameworks, using tools such as Jenkins, Python scripting, ELK database analysis.
  • Experience of high-performance computer systems or other advanced electronic platforms. 
  • Solid analytical skills. 
  • Good communication and presentation skills. 
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience. 

We welcome people of different backgrounds and experiences and are committed to building an inclusive work environment that makes Graphcore a great home for everyone. We are an equal opportunity employer and want to build a work environment where everyone is happy, productive and respectful. If you have a disability or additional need that requires accommodation, just let us know.

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