Graphcore has created a completely new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for artificial intelligence. The IPU’s unique architecture means developers can run current machine learning models’ orders of magnitude faster. More importantly, it lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next great breakthroughs in general machine intelligence.

We believe our IPU technology will become the worldwide standard for artificial intelligence compute. The performance of Graphcore’s IPU is going to be transformative across all industries and sectors whether you are a medical researcher, roboticist or building autonomous cars.

Our team is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution, enabling innovators from all industries and sectors to expand human potential with technology. What we do really makes a difference.

As a Software Machine Learning Engineer, you will be working as part of Graphcore’s engineering team in Oslo developing Graphcore scale out technology for our Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU).  In your role, you will be working closely with our engineering teams in Oslo and Bristol on how to bring the benefits of our AI scaleout solution to our customers.


The Machine Learning team will be responsible for understanding popular AI frameworks and how they will be distributed and integrated with our Poplar compiler and runtime environment for our IPU. With a special focus on distributed AI compute in large scale clusters.

Key Skills

  • Distributed Pytorch, Tensorflow, Horovod
  • Familiarity with details and tradeoffs of different deep learning architectures (such as CNNs, RNNs, etc.) and how they are applied in domains such as computer vision, NLP etc.
  • Knowledge of Deep Learning frameworks backend
  • Systems programming background with an understanding of program execution and how it relates to OS, multithreading, multiprocessing and disk I/O and network
  • Fluent in Python, C and C++ 

Useful To Have

  • Master’s degree in computer science or other relevant technical degree
  • General Software development experience
  • Test driven design
  • Automated software testing
  • Familiar with Scrum/Agile methodology
  • Familiar with continuous integration: Phabricator, Jenkins, Gitlab or Buildbot
  • Software configuration management: Git

This position will also require close interaction with colleagues in Bristol. This is a full-time role based in Oslo (Norway).

We welcome people of different backgrounds and experiences and are committed to building an inclusive work environment that makes Graphcore a great home for everyone. We are an equal opportunity employer and want to build a work environment where everyone is happy, productive and respectful so they can do their best. If you have a disability or additional need that requires accommodation, just let us know.

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