As a Senior Game Designer at Gram Games, you’ll work with a AAA mobile team to help grow and develop Merge Dragons or a similar live title, with the objective of growing it from a hit to an evergreen mega-hit.

You will work with other designers on the project to learn the ins-and-outs of the game’s level design, content design, systems, philosophies and more. You will use your wealth of design knowledge, your extensive experience, and your analytical thinking and insights to craft exciting new features and engaging content that will position the game for greater success.

You will also engage with the player community to understand their desires and how they play, to better inform your decisions. You will be a part of the overall design pipeline -- providing feedback and insight to designers, artists, and producers on proposed designs as well as live designs that need revisiting.

Additionally, you will participate in Gram Games’ lauded prototyping days to breathe new life into game concepts that could very well be the next big thing. Over time, you may also help on other hit games, such as Merge Dragons, or unreleased titles. It’s up to you to know what we’re all capable of, to utilize your skills and to help push our creative limits. You’ll be here to bring us together, to take advantage of each of our dynamic skills, and to turn them into games enjoyed and praised around the world. Come join us!


   - Know the Game. You will understand the game inside and out in order to be an effective designer on it. You should love it and constantly seek to understand and improve its inner workings!

   - Design Features & Systems. Build engaging and exciting features that fit well with the core, and that seek to raise engagement and/or monetization.

   - Design Content. Design new objects, events, and other supporting content. Play and give feedback on those features crafted by other members of the design team.

   - Vision. Help or guide the team in developing a longer-term road-map for the game to guide content and feature development.

   - Collaborate. Work closely with the other designers, as well as production, art, engineering, analytics, QA, and marketing when needed. Constantly seek feedback and provide feedback. Collaborate not just with you team members, but across the studio as well!

   - Be Friendly & Approachable. Always be open to feedback and new ideas from anyone in the studio. No egos allowed.

   - Iterate Rapidly. Act on feedback in a timely, but thoughtful manner.

   - Engage the Community. Interact with the community via Discord or other means to learn and seek feedback on your live designs.

   - Champion Quality. It is your mission to strive for the highest quality designs and experience for the players, and to act as a guiding light and friendly mentor for other designers here.

Recommended Skills and Experience...

   - English-speaking

   - Leadership experience combined with excellent listening & teamwork skills.

   - Fan of Merge Dragons

   - Deep level of experience as a Game Designer or more

   - Game balancing and economy experience

   - System, Feature, and Content design experience in shipped F2P games

   - Excellent mathematical, analytical, and logical skills

   - Can tear down feature and content designs and discuss the ins and outs of where they succeed or fail, and how to improve them

   - Can vocalize what makes games fun or where they fail, and what could improve them from the high level down to minute details.

   - Knows what makes a game profitable, and be able to deconstruct monetization on other titles to understand why and how it works.

   - Stays up-to-date with trends and hit games in the mobile space


   - Experience with Level designs and/or puzzle designs

   - Experience with wire-framing, flow diagrams, and prototyping

   - Working knowledge of Unity

   - Technical background

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