Location: London, UK

Salary: Competitive

Reporting To: CTO

Posting Date: March 8, 2019

Closing Date: April 6, 2019

Number of vacancies available: 1


About the Game Systems Team

At Gram Games, Game Systems are at the very core of what we do.  This team is responsible for running and maintaining the underlying technology and code that makes handling requests of millions of concurrent players possible. Game Systems developers work closely with the game teams, and sometimes work full time for top titles like Merge Dragons! The Game Systems team is responsible for adding new features, as well as for maintaining existing features that make an enormous impact on our games, and our players.


All of our games have different requirements, and game teams function and make decisions independently. The Game Systems team provides support for all of these requirements and decisions. The technology this team builds and maintains allows our game teams to achieve their goals, and produce great games. We are looking for an experienced Senior Backend Developer who is self-motivated, goal-oriented, and a strong team player. Someone who can break down complex problems can quickly and safely deliver and ship code and is easily able to communicate with the game teams.


We are looking for someone who…

...has at least 5+ years of experience in game backend development

...has a BSc in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

...has a strong understanding of both relational and non-relational databases

...is experienced with Go, Java, Python, Linux, AWS stack and components

...is experienced on operating a backend system with live users

...is experienced with the creation of libraries and APIs for other developers to use, and integrating third-party APIs to the system

...is able to deliver high quality, structured code, demonstrating attention to detail and design


…are familiar with the development of free-to-play mobile games and mobile best practices

…are experienced in web protocols, socket communication, application servers, Unity, queues, in-memory caches/databases

...have worked with a game server before

...is fanatically passionate about clean code and code reuse

...has excellent problem-solving skills

...is self-motivated and a self-starter

...has excellent teamwork skills

…is able to quickly get up to speed with the existing code

...has proficient written and oral English

It would also be great if you...

…are experienced with developing systems for synchronous and/or asynchronous multiplayer games

Please ensure to submit both a resume and cover letter with your application.

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