We're a design-driven, product-led company. We understand that great products take time and are the foundation of all great businesses. We expect our employees to tell us what to do and we actually let them do it.

Our culture statement is the following:
"We strive to foster an environment of psychological safety, in the pursuit of truth, through thoughtful disagreement."

A relentless pursuit of what is true is the foundation of all great outcomes. You can't fake it.

And the only way to understand the way things really are when building product is to feel comfortable taking risks and disagreeing in a thoughtful way that helps the team learn what will actually work for our users and our business.

Everyone in our leadership team has children under the age of 10 and recognize that as important as start-ups are, there are more important things in life like family. Family always comes first.

We are a remote-first team. When COVID hit in March 2020 and everyone started working from home, it was seamless because we already had the systems in place to support 1/3 of our team that was remote.

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