The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world economy in unpredictable ways. During these times of uncertainty, Gradle Inc. does not employ new staff, but we continue to seek and interview candidates, such that we can quickly hire once the virus-induced crisis is over. 

Gradle is the build tool of choice for millions of developers around the globe and is the official build tool for Android applications. Developing Gradle is a dynamic and demanding engineering challenge, with the reward of significant industry impact and collaboration with some of the world's best software teams.

Our software is used by some of the world's leading software organizations, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Twitter, and Atlassian. We regularly collaborate with these and other users to make our products continuously better.

We are looking for a passionate engineer with a demonstrated ability to efficiently deliver and maintain robust and useful software based solutions, as part of a collaborative team.

What we offer

  • Work on a fast-growing product with millions of users and a clear vision for the future
  • Cooperation with passionate and experienced engineers and the opportunity to learn from them regardless of your experience level
  • Ability to work from any place on the planet in a remote-first environment with flexible working hours

What we value

  • Passion for making other software engineers more productive
  • Strong customer and community focus
  • Delivering useful high-quality solutions 
  • Pragmatism in execution and getting things done
  • Open communication and respect for each other

Minimum qualifications

  • 5 years of software development experience
  • Experience programming in Java 
  • Ability to debug, profile, and optimize code
  • Understanding of modern software development techniques and practices
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience developing and maintaining Gradle builds
  • Experience programming in Kotlin and/or Groovy
  • Experience contributing to and leading open-source projects
  • Experience with delivering developer tooling


  • Designing, implementing and testing new Gradle features and bug fixes
  • Doing user research, outreach, and support
  • Applying new developments in real-world Gradle builds and plugins 


  • Anywhere in the world with working conditions that allow for seamless collaboration with your colleagues through email, chat, and video streaming

While our team works remotely and is spread across the globe, we deeply value daily interactions and collaboration.

How to apply

  • Submit your cover letter, and your resume via the form below
  • Explain in your cover letter why you want to work on the Gradle Build Tool

Only submissions that fulfill all of these application requirements are considered.

About us

Visit our careers page to learn more about the company and see other open positions. 

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