We are the Engine Builders and the Craftspeople. We value well-built systems and express this value in the following ways:

We deeply care about software quality

This is what our users expect from the build platform that builds some of the most demanding software stacks on the planet and also being a foundational piece of the Android developer toolchain.

Gradle has 20,000 unit and integration tests. Gradle has sophisticated matrix and regression testing across Gradle versions and different platforms. This includes non-functional requirements like memory consumption and the many facets of build performance. Naturally, we have a highly automated delivery process. 

We care deeply about modeling

A deep model enables:

  • use in a diversity of situations (even unanticipated ones) and it still works
  • Gradle to continue to innovate very fast without breaking the platform
  • maximum expressive power without sacrificing code conciseness and readability
  • builds that are well understood by people and by machines.

We respect craft. Not just software engineering but also the craft of marketing, sales and everything Gradle does. Many facets of our culture can be understood through our respect for craft including our attention to detail. Small things matter to us very much.

We are obsessive about continuous improvement. We love delivering software regularly and fast. Gradle had an average release cycle of 2 months over the last three years. All of those releases had a significant number of new features.

Process makes us happy. We invest in defining, collaborating through and improving our processes. We enjoy seeing processes get better and better, and we see ourselves as “engine builders” whether we belong to Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Services or any other department. We believe in the following points:

  • Process Transparency: enables 360 degree feedback which strengthens the process. It also enables integration of processes across organizational boundaries.
  • Failure: A failure in the context of a process provides feedback that can improve that process; Outside of a process, failure is just wasted energy.
  • Happiness is not a destination or outcome: Happiness is being a part of a process of continuous improvement.
  • Positivity: Pointing out what is working, being constructive and solution oriented, not problem oriented and having a strong sense of agency. Never say “it’s not my job”
  • Effort: We believe that effort in the context of a process is valuable. If there is no deep model, effort may be needed to help form the model.

Gradle is the software automation system designed for the age of continuous delivery. We see Gradle eventually automating everything that stands between a developer and shipping software. With more than 2,500,000 downloads per month as of October 2016, we are gaining momentum towards this vision. To further realize our mission to revolutionize software creation we are extending Gradle with a commercial SaaS offering.

We are humbled that many of the best DevOps and Tooling teams in the world have chosen the Gradle technology and partner with us to make Gradle better and better. LinkedIn, Netflix, Google Android, Unity and many more contribute to the Gradle core, provide Gradle plugins to the Gradle community or sponsor some of our open source development. 

Our motto is “Build Happiness”. We deeply care about the productivity and happiness of developers and build masters. We want to restore a sense of flow to their work through continuous improvement: enabling their ever-expanding skills to meet ever-increasing challenges. We want developers to feel that they have done the best work in their lives towards something bigger than themselves. We would also like you to feel that you can do the best work of your life here at Gradle.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is essential to our values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

Gradle Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our engineers are distributed around the world. Our mission is to revolutionize how software is constructed. Members of the Gradle R&D team must confidently conceive, model, design and deliver software to the best software companies in the world.

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