We are looking for a passionate and experienced Android engineer with a deep understanding of the Android domain to join our growing Gradle Enterprise team.

About Gradle Enterprise

Gradle Enterprise is a SaaS platform that derives insights from our customers' Gradle build metadata and presents them in a thoughtfully crafted, feature-rich UI that lives on top of a carefully architected, scalabale back-end. Our UI stack is a component-based React application written in ESNext, uses SASS for styling, and is all bundled by Webpack. The back-end stack is comprised of Java 8, Ratpack for high performance reactive http request handling, PostgreSQL for scalable storage and retrieval, many best-of-class external integrations, a fully automated packaging and deployment process, and runs on a popular PaaS.

Our engineers are experts in client-side and server-side technologies, passionate about using the best available tools and techniques, and enjoy staying apprised of the ever-evolving full-stack ecosystem. Above all, we are committed to our mission to Build Happiness by delivering a delightful, polished, and fast user experience that helps make other engineers happier and more productive.

About Gradle

Our product is crafted by exceptionally committed and skilled engineers, product designers, and marketing experts. Everyone at Gradle cares deeply about our company, our products, our customers, and the build automation domain in general. Our team is globally distributed but interacts daily through various communication channels. We value interpersonal relationships and meet in-person regularly to connect as a group.

Working at Gradle right now means participating in the formative development of a product that will become a pillar of the Gradle company and community as a whole. Delivering on this promise demands finding the right balance between perfection and speed, and quality and quantity. Our team embraces these challenges and thrives on the prospect of delivering a product that can tangibly improve the work-lives and productivity of our customers.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is essential to our values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

About You

Our ideal candidate has a success record of delivering testable, extensible, and scalable Android architectures to production. They have a deep understanding of the Android domain and the challenges faced by Android developers. While not necessarily Gradle experts, they do exhibit a deep understanding and interest in the automation domain. They thrive on challenging development problems, understand the nuances of developer productivity optimization, possess and can capably articulate strong opinions, and feel comfortable collaborating with a distributed team.

If you feel your experience with Android development, your technical skills, and your personality would be a good fit, and you align with our mission to make engineers happier and more productive, get in touch with us today. Please fill out the job application form below and ensure you include your current CV and a cover letter describing your motivation to join Gradle.

We would love to hear from you.


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