• Participate in the formulation, organization and implementation of supply chain management strategy of lithium battery division, establish and develop lithium battery material procurement / product supply management system, and provide strong guarantee for the company to achieve its business development strategic objectives
  • Assist in formulating, organizing and implementing the procurement strategy formulated by the group, build and develop various constituent systems of supplier resources of lithium battery division, develop and integrate resources to the greatest extent, and provide guarantee for the realization of the company's business development strategic objectives
  • Formulate procurement strategic planning according to the business objectives of the division, and provide suggestions and information support for major procurement decisions
  • Be responsible for organizing the procurement of lithium battery raw materials, equipment and other relevant rules and regulations, work specifications and work plans, implementing them, and regularly supervising and inspecting the implementation
  • Review the formulation, decomposition, implementation and assessment of material and equipment procurement work plan, and accurately convey and implement the guiding spirit of the company
  • Organize the establishment of material and equipment procurement supply system of lithium battery business department, develop supply channels in many aspects, and manage suppliers
  • Production schedule management to ensure the delivery of finished products by suppliers



  • Full time bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering such as electronics / electrical, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, logistics management and supply chain management
  • More than 10 years of experience in large and medium-sized lithium battery or lithium battery material and equipment manufacturing industry, more than 5 years of experience in the same position, and have the comprehensive ability of production management, supply chain management and quality management
  • Have received training in production operation management, modern supply chain, quality management, logistics management, labor laws and regulations, financial accounting knowledge and management ability development
  • Be familiar with the construction and maintenance of enterprise external relations and local government relations, and be good at mobilizing all kinds of resources
  • Be familiar with all kinds of mainstream ERP systems, and be proficient in the use of office software Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Be familiar with the manufacturing market of lithium battery, raw materials and lithium battery production equipment, and have good industry resources and channels (supplier resources of well-known lithium battery manufacturers are preferred)
  • Have the ability of communication, coordination, leadership, project planning and implementation; Have strong dedication, sense of responsibility and team spirit, and be able to adapt to work with high pressure, challenge and great responsibility value

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