• Formulate the overall business development strategy and marketing plan of Gottingen project, and be generally responsible for the implementation of business development of Gottingen project
  • Coordinate and lead the business development of each product line of Gottingen project, establish and manage the business development team, guide the business work of each product line, and ensure the smooth development of the business of each product line
  • Preside over the formulation of working procedures and rules and regulations of the business development team of Gottingen project
  • Responsible for market research and customer channel construction related to Gottingen project
  • Be responsible for the planning and on-site command of major public relations and activities, and the negotiation and signing of major contracts and agreements



  • Master degree or above, major in international trade, battery and automobile
  • More than 5 years working experience in battery and new energy vehicle and more than 2 years team leadership experience
  • International working experience is preferred
  • Fluent in English with good at reading, writing, listening and speaking and can be used as a working language; Simple work communication in German
  • Clear thinking, strong leadership, strong execution, good time management and teamwork ability

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