• Apply a systems perspective to ongoing HV pack design:
    • Analyze vehicle, powertrain, and end-user specifications to derive sub-system requirements and develop requirements specifications & requirements verification traceability
    • Assist in actual requirements creation; Derive or revise existing requirements based on real analysis
    • Pay special attention to functional safety-specific features and functions to comply with necessary automotive standards such as ISO-26262 & SAE specifications
    • Communicate with engineers to update/modify documentation to maintain accurate representation of deliverables; Use tracking tools such as Confluence and JIRA to capture changes
    • Must be able to adapt and work within dynamic development timelines, with accelerated hardware production timelines, and software release cadence
    • Analyze the technical, logistical and schedule risks associated with various electrical and software solutions
  • Coordinate & work with engineers across multiple disciplines to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks:
    • Understanding of model-based design (Matlab/Simulink controls) is crucial; as well as C-programming for embedded automotive systems
    • Experience with either development or testing using Matlab/Simulink and C-programming is a plus
    • Holistic understanding of thermal and electrical interdependence in battery pack design; Capable of 1-D modeling analysis for the system all the way down to single componentDetailed understanding of software interaction between the battery management system & the rest of vehicle; familiar with battery measurement and controls architecture
  • Previous experience with DFMEA and leading the design review processes
  • Get involved with hands-on development:
    • Quickly transition to a variety of engineering discipline work, from high-level cross sub-system projects to specific component focus, depending on need of the team and stage of development/ production
    • Display a positive attitude and motivation to perform whatever tasks necessary to get the job done
    • Collaborate with technicians & mechanics to determine solutions to observed issues
    • Display aptitude with a variety of engineering tools such as CAN loggers, software debuggers, oscilloscopes, multi-meters, and HV test equipment
    • Show a healthy respect for high voltage safety and the appropriate safety processes



  • 3+ years of work experience in the battery and/or automotive industries
  • At least a bachelor’s degree in engineering discipline
  • Previous experience with battery systems design, or high-voltage battery systems
  • Knowledge of battery behavior
  • Previous experience in automotive product development environments
  • Creating the requirements from the ground up, using engineering analysis
  • Experience with model-based design; creating control systems and models with Matlab/Simulink
  • Experience with programming and embedded systems; familiar with basic software development and C programming
  • Excellent problem-solving skills; reliant on core engineering principles and common sense
  • Strong communication, multitasking, and interpersonal skills, both in presentation and technical writing
  • Versed in software development, hardware testing, and production procurement timelines
  • Versed with automated requirements management tools (e.g. JAMA, Doors, etc.)
  • Issue tracking tools (Jira, Bugzilla, etc.)
  • Previous experience with design according to ISO 26262 with focus on functional safety
  • Previous experience with product launches and production schedules

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