GoodTime is on a mission to make every minute count by solving the age-old problem of scheduling complex meetings. We believe that having the right meetings between the right people at the right time makes every minute count and enables smarter meetings.  With smarter meetings, teams can achieve their mission faster. Our journey to disrupt the way meetings are scheduled started with intelligently automating job interviews using automation and AI technologies.

GoodTime is entering uncharted territory.  To conquer our goals we've implemented a Culture of Entrepreneurship.  Our Culture of Entrepreneurship is built on three pillars; autonomy, accountability, and collaboration.  As an employee at GoodTime, you will need to rely on and embody these traits to get the job done successfully.  Being an entrepreneur means owning your role, and balancing autonomy with company alignment. 

Come join a creative, agile, and empowered workforce. Every member of the team is entrusted with the freedom to make the best decisions on behalf of the company and is fully accountable for the results.  But you're not alone! Quite the opposite - you work on your part of the puzzle and have bright teammates who collaborate and act with you.  We care about our teammates at GoodTime, and because we care, we regularly give candid, but caring, feedback.   

Our employees derive fulfillment from the impact they make and the team goals they help achieve. Our employees learn from both their failures and their successes. Our employees are empowered to make decisions based on their scope and scale of responsibility, not based on the number of direct reports they have reporting into them. We encourage our employees regularly to set aspirational and stretch goals.  And finally, to keep moving forward, together. 

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