GoodRx is America’s leading prescription price transparency platform. More than 8 million people use GoodRx’s website and popular mobile apps each month. GoodRx helps consumers save up to 80% on their medications by delivering prices and available discounts at nearly every pharmacy in the U.S. More than a hundred thousand physicians use GoodRx, and its services have been positively reviewed by Good Morning America, the American Heart Association, The New York Times, ABC News, AARP, Forbes and many others.

Our goal is to provide the health consumer with convenient and affordable prescription drugs. We offer solutions for consumers, self-ensured employers, plans, and anyone else trying to bring down the cost of prescription drugs to end consumers.

Current Job Openings at GoodRx

Customer Service


Senior DevOps Engineer
Santa Monica
Senior Software Engineer
Santa Monica and San Francisco
Web Analytics Engineer
Santa Monica, CA


Health Economist
Santa Monica, CA
Research Analyst
Santa Monica, CA
Research Editor
San Francisco, CA



UI/UX Designer
Santa Monica, CA
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