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About the Role:

Gizmodo, our tech and science site is looking for a New York-based Staff Editor to join our spirited, high-octane newsroom and lead the charge in crafting essential reviews and consumer electronics-focused coverage. Our ideal candidate has an understanding of the major narratives in the worlds of not just Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but smaller companies making lesser-known products. They should be able to talk pixels and processors and the supremely hard stuff, but also why Dark Mode might be good for your eyes or Bluetooth for your next set of headphones. They must have a keen ability to critically and creatively vet reporters’ pitches, great fact-checking skills, and the ability to identify emerging trends.  

Consumer technology editing requires a strong grasp of a wide range of technologies and product categories and while having passion for one field of gadgets is welcome, we’re seeking someone who can gamely edit a story focused on any type of gadget. A healthy nose for bullshit is also required. The Staff Editor should be able to see through the flash of the glossiest tech announcement and home in on exactly why this news matters to Gizmodo’s audience. 

The Ideal Candidate Will Have:

  • At least 3 years of experience writing and/or editing consumer technology-focused stories at a major print or
    digital publication
  • A thorough understanding of the major companies, issues, and reader-focused concerns across the
    technology realm
  • The ability to think quickly, decisively, and creatively in a fast-paced newsroom environment
  • A tenacious desire to consistently break news and craft poignant commentary on issues across the
    technology spectrum
  • Knowledge of journalistic standards, laws, and reporting practices
  • Scripting or on-camera video experience preferred but not required
  • A good sense of humor and a quick wit are essential

G/O Media is deeply committed to fostering a transparently inclusive workplace environment and people of color, women, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ candidates are very strongly encouraged to apply. Our company-wide mission is to reach very diverse audiences and so, we are deeply committed to having teams and leaders that reflect this mission. 
This is a position covered under the collective bargaining agreement with the WGA-E.  


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