GoFundMe is the most popular personal fundraising site in the world. Over $3 Billion has been raised by our users for their personal causes - making GoFundMe a Top 200 Website in the USA based on traffic with monthly audience of over 100M people. GoFundMe is a brand that people trust - known for its ease-of-use, real results, 5-minute customer service response times, and the first and only fraud protection guarantee for social giving: the GoFundMe Guarantee.

Trust is an integral part of GoFundMe's business. It drives growth, builds and nurtures our brand, and ensures that we always do the right thing by our customers. The Trust and Safety Department is at the front line of GoFundMe’s efforts to protect donors, campaign organizers, beneficiaries, and our company from fraud and abuse. As a member of the Trust team, you will be responsible for reviewing customer-submitted reports, and investigating campaigns accused of fraud or misuse. This is an incredibly fast-paced job where you are required to operate at an impeccable level of consistency while mastering new techniques and technologies to ensure GoFundMe remains the most trusted place to give online.

The Job…

  • Conduct investigations into campaigns. Work with customers and leverage outside sources to remove fraudulent campaigns.
  • Carry out the GoFundMe Guarantee by ensuring donors and beneficiaries receive any funds lost from misleading or fraudulent behavior.
  • Work with law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation and prosecution of internet criminals.
  • Recognize and reverse account security breaches and fraudulent donation activity.
  • Work with our Marketing, Communications, and Happiness teams to ensure appropriate and accurate dissemination of public knowledge related to campaigns.
  • Provide invaluable security feedback to our Product Team to build Trust and Safety into the GoFundMe platform.
  • Consistently improve and enhance our internal processes and systems.




  • Skilled investigator - Do you have a background in law or police science? Were you a private investigator or investigative journalist in another life? Do you spend your free time debunking urban legends and fact-checking?
  • Analytical - Can you spot patterns, investigate anomalies, and communicate your findings to fellow team members?
  • Talented communicator - Do your sentences seamlessly transition from one idea to the next? Can you type really fast with little to no mistake? Are phone calls a breeze?
  • Hustle - Do you thrive in a fast paced, high-pressure environment, with a company’s brand or a person’s livelihood on the line?
  • Tech-savvy -  Do you have experience in e-commerce, fraud or risk investigations, or crisis management? Is your CTRL or CMD button worn down? Do you know how to identify and report malicious links and files?
  • Grit - We deal with delicate situations and real-life tragedies. Are you tough enough to bounce back?  Do you have a thick skin?
  • Empathizer - Do you genuinely care about people and want to help them? Do you believe that most people are fundamentally good and deserve to be protected from bad actors?
  • Team player - Can your colleagues rely on you to provide your best work and can you make sure they're doing the same?
  • Attention to detial - Did you notice I spelled "detail" wrong?
  • Resourceful innovator  - Are you able to push boundaries, see through barriers, and discover creative solutions with little guidance?
  • Organized - Are you able to effectively organize and prioritize your day?


Why you’ll love it here...


  • Your work has real purpose and will be helping to change lives. Really.
  • We're happy to pay for superb talent, offer full benefits, and issue bonuses.
  • We're growing fast! We've got some incredible opportunities ahead.
  • We're a fun, close team of people with a work-hard, play-hard mentality.
  • Our Gives Back program allots each employee $1,000 per month to donate to the campaign of their choice.
  • We have a fully stocked kitchen and "MegaFridge".


Please note: This is a full-time, onsite job at our San Diego office. No telecommuting.

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