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The last ten years has seen an explosion of growth in businesses with recurring revenue - think companies like Spotify and Netflix or Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365. The world is moving to one where products are used and paid for on a recurring basis, not purchased upfront. But in that time, innovation in the recurring payments space has been limited. As a result, payments for these companies are broken. GoCardless has fixed this by building a new global platform for recurring payments based on collecting funds directly from bank accounts, avoiding the need for intermediaries like card networks and digital wallets. 

We now power recurring payments from companies such as DocuSign, Bulb and Nutmeg, whilst enabling software partners including Xero, Zuora and Salesforce to help their own customers collect their own payments. 

We’ve raised over $120m in funding from incredible investors such as Google and Salesforce, have over 50,000 customers and five offices globally. Now we are looking for a Product Marketing Manager to help us get to the next level of growth. 


What will you be doing?

Our vision is to fix recurring payments at a global scale and we are looking for an individual to help us join the dots between a fantastic product and huge growth potential. Make no mistake, we are building a category and we intend to own it. We need someone with the right mix of talent and experience to help us with this. 

Product Marketing at GoCardless can really be summarised in three core activities. 

  1. How do we ensure that customer facing teams have the right positioning, messaging, tools and pain-driven data points to drive growth?
  2. How do we launch new products and initiatives across the world in a way that generates maximum adoption?
  3. How do we listen to and understand the market so we can make more effective decisions as a business?

There’s a lot of work to be done, but one of our key tenets for 2020 is “do fewer things, better”. We want to select the activities that will have the maximum impact on the business and focus on them. 


Who are you?

  • You have taken innovative new B2B products and features to market with a mid-market and enterprise audience.
  • You believe that product launch doesn’t stop at launch - adoption and business impact is how you measure yourself.
  • You have developed innovative messaging, positioning and value proposition frameworks for complex problems and new products. 
  • You are adept at market research and can demonstrate influencing business and product strategy as a result of that research.
  • You know that talking to customers is the best way to understand the challenges they face, and frequently do so.
  • You have a lot of experience engaging with product and engineering teams to solve customers problems.
  • You enjoy working independently, given a set of objectives. 
  • You also enjoy cross-functional work with disparate areas of the business. 
  • You understand the value in building a better recurring payments ecosystem.
  • More than anything, you are a problem solver. 

GoCardless has built a dynamic, collaborative culture in which we hire and develop smart, driven people that share our desire to do work we can be proud of. We value learning and feedback, and we spur each other on to raise the bar of success.

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, and we embrace diversity – if you’re unsure, please apply.


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We're committed to making GoCardless a place where everybody can thrive regardless of their background. Championing a diverse, inclusive workplace underpins our mission to build the world’s first global network for recurring payments.

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