We're looking for someone who has a mix of operational prowess to get great work done, the negotiation and collaboration skills needed to bring out the best from our partners, the strategic, innovative and creative thinking that's required to develop outside the box solutions, and the emotional intelligence and humility required to lead a fast-paced business and inspire a cross functional team.

You Will:

  • Lead your team and city to greatness. Collaborate with our regional office in CEAM, LATAM, and HQ to execute different initiatives in your local market
  • Be the face of Glovo in your city, be our biggest ambassador
  • Ensure our partners are in love with Glovo and  maintain close relationships with our partners on our platform
  • Drive, structure, analyze and channel daily work and information - setting goals, delegating, and supervising the team’s performance
  • Develop top talent, help them perform, grow and develop as professionals
  • Be informed, get involved and make things happen
  • Coordinate our local team to ensure everyone is aligned on our top priorities, and next steps
  • Be responsible for our partners business performance, analyse their main KPIs and ensure growth MoM. Track and reporting of performance metrics.
  • Get feedback from our partners and translate it into product, marketing and operations improvement
  • Conduct local interviews with local candidates to ensure that they are aligned with Glovo’s culture value
  • Collaborate with local and regional stakeholder to monitor PIPs - Performance Improvement Plan - with respect to employees with under-performing scores in the nine box matrix
  • Help regional and local teams coordinate different facility management activities
  • Welcome and receive new-hires to the Glovo office - equipment, welcome kit, tools, forms, etc. - in case there is no local direct manager
  • Ensure that local teams embody Glovo’s value and feel connected to the company at a global level


  • You’ve got between 5-7 years of work experience
  • You're persuasive in the most pleasant possible way and have no trouble selling anything
  • You've got a good judgment but own up to your mistakes
  • You're extremely curious and have a desire to acquire a deep understanding
  • You find smart and elegant solutions to complex, multi-disciplinary problems
  • You're extremely agile and thrive in ambiguous environments
  • You are always respectful, kind and fair. You've managed large or multiple teams and all of your (former) reports speak highly of you as a manager and leader
  • You have an ambition that makes some people think you're crazy while inspiring others in the most humble way possible
  • You have excellent communication skills, you are able to analyze quickly and make adjustments as needed.
  • You’re not afraid of taking on new responsibilities and managing multiple projects at once
  • You are a natural leader, people often come to you for advice, and enjoy helping others regardless of the situation
  • You have strong interest, knowledge, and/or network in HORECA industry - Food and Service industry
  • You enjoy  building things from scratch, if something need to get done you are comfortable figuring it out on your own and not relying on a playbook
  • You thrive in ambiguity, you seek adventure and an accelerated career path


  • The opportunity to change the world and see how everyone uses the product you build
  • Work in an international, dynamic and passionate environment with a great company culture
  • Benefits such as weekly lunchs, free delivery, and much more!

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